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Video Of The Week #98: Desperate Journalist – Cedars

Desperate Journalist  recently released a seasonally autumnal single called ‘Cedars‘ today we feature the accompanying video that captures the wistfulness of the song, with the band’s every day journeys as a gang or singer Jo Bevan’s, alone by tube.

Propelled along by epic percussive undercurrents, while Rob Hardy’s guitars spiral gloriously, Bevan delivers her most tremendous vocal yet, and that’s saying something. Pulling at regrets of the heart with a melancholic yet life-affirming performance that trembles up and down the vocal register, to capture tiny moments with evocative imagery (‘frayed jumper’, ‘she kisses him like flypaper’) that encapsulate the romance in the every day and enjoying them for what they are, rather than allowing them to be consumed by anxiety. Cedars is magisterial.

“’Cedars’ is about the pervasive anxiety of the romantic that nothing will ever be enough,” confides Jo. “Small everyday moments that feel overwhelmingly beautiful in your life, when overanalysed, can be twisted into concern that perhaps, that is all there is – that you’re never going to touch the stars. Or that your hope is false and you’ll never reach the indefinable glory and security you’re beating yourself up for not achieving. Maybe the bittersweetness of the little movie you live in is glorious though, and maybe you have arrived. Best worry about it some more…”

Cedars’ is the first track to be taken from their forthcoming third album, In Search Of The Miraculous, which is released on February 22nd 2019.

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