Tracks of the Week #111

Tracks of the Week #111

Who? Bromide

What? Ancient Rome (Dave Hale Remix)

Where? London

What they say? “It’s the ballad!”’ says singer guitarist Simon Berridge, ‘Ancient Rome’ is about the magic of existence and specifically the search for someone to share that magic with. The random interactions played out every day where one minute someone’s dragging you over to meet someone in the pub / zoom meeting and the next you’re standing opposite that person in an official-looking room surrounded by lots of people you know making all kinds of insane crazy promises. For ever.”

Why we love it? For those already familiar with Bromide’s last long player – 2018’s I Woke Up (reviewed here) – you will already be on more than nodding terms with ‘Ancient Rome’, tucked as it is right in the very middle of that fabulous record. Here it is given a brand new coat of paint courtesy of a Dave Hale remix which merely serves to magnify the song’s glistening melody, inherent beauty and innate charm. (Simon Godley)

FFO: Teenage Fanclub; Big Star; Pavement; The Charlatans

Who? Caleb Hawley

What? Tell Me What It’s Like to Have a Dream Come True

Where? Harlem

What they say? The lyrics are some of the questions that run through my head when I witness my friends seemingly break through barriers, reaching the heights I’ve long pursued, but have yet to realize. I have an inkling that these dreams are an illusion, and are unlikely to bring the peace of mind I’m hoping for.  Still can’t hurt to ask.

Why we love it? Laidback and serene, this sublime ode to longing with a tinge of jealousy rolls softly along with a hauntingly simple piano riff and whispy, soulful vocals that elevate this track into excellence.  (Lloyd Best)

FFO: Paolo Nutini, Newton Faulkner, James Morrison

Who? Cat SFX

What? Doomed Generation

Where? Italy/London

What they say? “Doom Generation is a commentary on my personal experiences of mental health issues, big pharmaceutical companies and their “cures”; the massive pressure that’s put on my generation by social media and a reality TV culture that dislocates us from our feelings.”

Why we love it? Urgent, and powered by barrelling drums and serrated guitars. ‘Doom Generation’ takes aim at those big businesses who profiteer at the expense of the vulnerable and exacerbate the situations of those most desperate in society. Cat SFX delivers a powerful and hooky vocal that is at once personal and universal speaking to the “doomed” generation, standing her ground to demand a “reality check”. Undeniable. (Bill Cummings)

FFO: Garbage, Emma Pollock, Kim Gordon, Katy J Pearson


What? Life

Where? London/Southampton

Why we love it? An unusual soundscape with softly autotuned vocals that builds into a journey of synths, vocal samples and drums that wouldn’t look out of place on the soundtrack to a Cyberpunk movie.  (Lloyd Best)

FFO: SebastiAn, Georgia


Who? Sarah Walk

What? unravel

Where? Los Angeles

Why we love it? The stark and poignant introduction “nothing’s hurt me more than men who grew up with no consequences” will stick with you beyond the 3 minutes and 26 seconds that this track runs for. It’s a beautiful exploration of trauma with soft piano, layers of harmonies and a fearlessness as Walk faces their trauma head on, a must-listen that will resonate with so many souls.  (Lloyd Best)

FFO: Daughter, Laura Marling


Who? Tomos

What? Resonate

Where? Wales

What they say? “I was once told about the concept of going on sound walks – staying silent for a set amount of time whilst walking and listening carefully to the relationship between the sounds in your environment. Ever since then I’ve often found myself wandering around Peckham or resting in rural Wales with earphones in without any music intently listening to everything else, making ambient recordings, and scribbling down thoughts. The songs from the EP aren’t based on any particular moment, but more about capturing a series of calming memories and sounds.”

Producing music is often quite a meditative thing for me – the process of focussing so intently for so long on something that loops around for hours on end leads to a losing of a sense of time. During this time I don’t think about my life or anything connected to it, solely the relationship between the sounds that I’m slotting together; so writing about intent listening and meditation felt quite natural despite not meditating as a practice.”

Why we love it? On August 26th Tomos will release his brand new EP ‘Count The Seconds’. Resonate is the first cut from the release. Its ambient and enveloping wash is both meditative and plunges deep into the subconsciousness on a bed of whispy swirling soulful vocals, twitching beats and waves of synth. Exquisitely drawn.(Bill Cummings)

FFO: Four Tet, Caribou, Zero 7

Who? Maisie Peters

What? Sad Girl Summer

What they say? The song is all about letting go of both things and people who aren’t worth your precious time and energy. Instead, ‘Sad Girl Summer’ celebrates the people in your life who are deserving of that commitment.

Why we love it? Infectiously upbeat with a “fuck it all” attitude about ditching toxicity and leaning on the support of your friends. This pop jam is full to the brim with catchy guitar, charisma and a sense of fun uniquely conveyed through Peters’ vocal and lyrics, which hold so much character that you’ll be inspired to cut those toxic people out of your life and embrace the ‘Sad Girl Summer’.  (Lloyd Best)

FFO: Lily Allen, Anne Marie,

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