Stash Magnetic discuss the 'My Future' video 1

Stash Magnetic discuss the ‘My Future’ video

Stash Magnetic’s ‘My Future’ is a synth rock surrealist’s dream. The music video is out this Friday 31st July and Rebecca and Nick had a chat with director John Clay about its themes and imagery.

Hello guys. Thank you so much for agreeing to an interview about this Friday’s music video. Care to tell the audience what the video means to you in regards to its theme?

R*: Duality, spiritual people living on a corporate controlled planet, purification through fire and creating our own world are a few themes running through the video for ‘My Future’.

The video features tarot cards quite a bit. Can you tell us what function they serve in the narrative?

R*: The cards are symbols of synchronicity. A reading captures space & time, reacting to your inner self. We based the narrative of the video on a reading I did for the video itself. Life became art.

Can you talk us through the use of conducting a tarot reading for the video and how the script came to be?

R*: The reading had a lot of fire energy which served as inspiration for visuals, rituals and symbols. You (John) suggested we create our own tarot imagery for the video. You told me to “Get drawing!” We looked to Native American symbolism for creative inspiration, Earth elements and feminine power.

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… And we derived a take out of it. You spoke of the home as a place of rest from the outside world. This idea had its root in some real life trauma. Feel free to tell us as much or as little about that as you wish.

N*: I think the video portrays a duality that for us was very real at the time that we made the video. The conflict between our creative worlds and the daily grind so to speak.

R*: My day job and my creative life reached a critical point of misalignment. I left my longtime job because it transformed from an independent spirited structure to a corporate old boys one, which I didn’t want to be a part of. It was a leap of faith for me to leave, which inspired an attitude for the video.

And how is that leap of faith going? Have the images and thus the message in the art, particularly the ending been somewhat, prophetic, or are we wishing for too much?

R*: Prophetic! Everything is manifesting beautifully. Highs and lows, but we’re committed to trusting intuition and our inner guidance.

N*: We have jumped into the stream! It was cold at first but now it is refreshing and flowing beautifully.

That’s great to hear. Was there any mandate regarding the lyrics in relationship to the images?

R*: For our feelings running ancient, voices burning, silent shroud” got us visualising ancient art – inspired symbols, unlocking ancient power sources through ritual, fire, dance and song.

N*: “My future oh so sacred. Oh so holy, bought and sold.” Relates to the images of us in white shirts and ties. This represents the sham that is the economic super power. The fact that no matter what we do as individuals within this current system there will never be an equal share of the planetary resources for all humans on the earth. The system we currently live in only provides enough for the elite few.

How important is it for people to receive your interpretation of the video? Are there other ways to interpret the results that you’re open to?

R*: It’s important that people make their own interpretations and connect to our work in their own personal ways. Our work becomes bigger than us when it’s introduced into the world. It takes on a life of its own.

Well said. Is there a place where people can buy the music once they watch the video?

R*: My Future is available now on 12″ vinyl presale from Field of Dreams Records. Digital release 4 Aug. Go to

Awesome. Thank you sincerely for your time people.

R*:Thank you, John! You did a fantastic job with our video and it’s been a pleasure to discuss it with you.

N*: Thank you for having us and also for your ace effort on the video.

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