Track By Track: Samana -  Melancholy Heat

Track By Track: Samana – Melancholy Heat

Samana aka Rebecca Rose Harris and Franklin Mockett released their new ‘Melancholy Heat’ EP last week on The Road Records. Boasting their haunting sound, the self-produced, self-recorded and self-mixed EP was crated whilst the Carmarthenshire duo were holed-up in a remote part of France, and is one of deep reflection; a journey through time and perspectives, articulated through sound and poetry.

The band explain it was “Composed during the global pandemic, it is a deep inward reflection of individual and collective consciousness, a rumination on our relationship with nature and a calling for reconnection with our ancestral wisdom, which lies at the heart of all things”.  Samana’s music, it is an unequivocally compelling reflection of humanity sewn with delicate meditative harmonies and rustling alt country instrumentation.

Melancholy Heat

Melancholy Heat was composed in two parts. After tracking the song as an instrumental piece inspired by Zamrock from the 1970’s, I took the music to Rebecca with a phrase which I continuously ruminated on as I built it – Melancholy Heat. Rebecca then drew upon the notion of rituals, presence and of the lessons and parallel journeys we carry forth throughout life.

All One Breath

A rumination of our interrelations with nature, and the impressions we carve on the world which surrounds us.  Wisdom has been exchanged for naivety, which took the guise of intelligence, but the solution is buried within the ancestral part of each and every one of us.

Live For The Road

It reconciles the power of freedom, the power of instincts, the power of fate and of decision. It speaks of life as a path; a dream, an open road. It recognizes the importance of the present moment and the realisation of the journey. To believe, is to radiate the will of truth and honesty, never to fade”.

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