LIVE: Royal Blood – Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff, 29/03/2022 1

LIVE: Royal Blood – Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff, 29/03/2022

Royal Blood’s latest UK tour had seen them tear up both Bournemouth and Birmingham on previous nights, but last night it was Cardiff’s turn to bear witness to the sonical prowess that the Brighton duo have at their disposal, as masters of effects pedals and drums respectively. With new material from their third number 1 album ‘Typhoons’, and a lighting rig that could illuminate a small village, the show was poised to be a rip-roaring display.

The Amazons were the band granted the pleasure of warming up the crowd, no easy feat ahead of a rock giant like Royal Blood, but their efforts were successful, with songs like ‘Mother’, and ‘Ready for Something’, that got the crowd’s blood pumping. It soon become apparent as to why they were on tour with Royal Blood, the Reading rock outfit provide a wonderful sound to the ear and were well received amongst those in attendance . Their reception was also aided by the stage presence of lead singer Matt Thomson, who, despite a slightly ropey Welsh lesson, interacted with the crowd well on numerous occasions to great effect. Ending their set on the ever-popular ‘Black Magic’, and with a large “Goodnight!” from Thomson, it was now time for the main event.


As the lights dimmed and tension built, the apprehension in the air was almost electric, loud roars came as Mike Kerr (vocals, bass) and Ben Thatcher (drums) took to the stage, settling into positions as the title track from their latest album ‘Typhoons’ began to ring across the arena. Their set contained an excellent blend of their three albums, staple songs such as ‘Come on Over, Lights Out’, and ‘Trouble’s Coming’ all provided the crowd with plenty of energy to dance and mosh to, this well-poised set also saw the appearance of ‘Loose Change’, to which Kerr introduced with the simple sentence of “Cardiff, who’s ready to get loose!?”
Alongside old favourites also came the new single ‘Honeybrains’, having only released 9 days prior, the crowd knew every word as both Kerr and Thatcher smiled on throughout its duration. The interactivity with the crowd was splendid, the drum solo of ‘Little Monster’ saw an extension with a photo of Thatcher and the late Taylor Hawkins, who the band had previously toured with, as a tribute – which was met with unanimous applause and cheers. Thatcher also had a habit of regularly making his way off the drums to hand out battered drumsticks, with the crowd often clambering over each other in an attempt to reach them. The show also bore witness to a rather funny moment of appreciation for the inclusion of a giant gong alongside Thatcher’s drum kit – who was instantly bombarded with pleas from the crowd to “Hit the gong!”, with Thatcher complying to the relentless demands of the population of the arena, much to Kerr’s amusement.
A faux conclusion of ‘Figure it Out’ got the crowd eager for more as the chant of “one more song!” emerged from the crowd, with Kerr alone emerging on stage to perform ‘All We Have is Now’, a wonderful piano led piece that allowed the crowd a moment to breathe and cool down after the previous chaos. But this peace was soon shattered, with Thatcher returning promptly as ‘Ten Tonne Skeleton’ shook the Motorpoint to its very foundations. By the time the final song had rolled around, everyone knew what was coming, the crown jewel in Royal Blood’s discography and the one that gets everybody moving – ‘Out of the Black’. As the band thrashed their way through the song, the crowd’s feet barely touched the floor, and with the song’s last chorus fast approaching, the floor of the Motorpoint very quickly became visible as the final mosh pit of the night formed, which soon coalesced as the last chorus came in, surging like an angry ocean, with Kerr and Thatcher as Poseidon – their angry God.

As the last notes rang out across the arena, Thatcher took to Kerr’s microphone, thanking the crowd, and stating “we have been Royal Blood, and you have been Cardiff”, with the two departing to thunderous applause. The once angry sea now settled as people flooded out of the arena and onto the street. With the band ready to do it all again in Nottingham.

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