Julia Mason's Tracks of the Year 2022
Credit: Sprints

Julia Mason’s Tracks of the Year 2022

In 2022 music came roaring back to life after a tumultuous couple of years, here are my Tracks of the Year.

Track of the Year
Sprints‘Literary Mind’

Dublin’s Sprints produced ‘Literary Mind‘, a song which further expanded the shared vocal of lead singer Karla Chubb with bassist Sam McCann. But it’s the power and passion and sheer emotion of ‘Literary Mind‘ which still grabs on every listen. In a year of outstanding releases, personally this sits on top of a quality pile.

The Clockworks ‘Advertise Me’

Irish band The Clockworks matured and expanded their sound with ‘Advertise Me‘. The lyrics of lead singer James McGregor continue to astound. 2022 saw them complete their first UK and Ireland headline tour, have appearances at numerous festivals including The Great Escape and SXSW, and even support Pixies in the States. For 2023 there are rumblings of a debut album. Exciting times indeed.

Clamm‘Bit Much’

Australia’s Clamm released their second album Care in August. Packed with one banger after another ‘Bit Much‘ is a stand-out single. Catching them live was akin to a shot of adrenalin. Thrilling and wild with thought-provoking lyrics Clamm made a lot of new friends in 2022.

Fontaines D.C.‘I Love You’

What else is there to say about this extraordinary band. Their third album Skinty Fia saw them take a turn again away from the sonic landscapes of previous albums A Hero’s Death and Dogrel. ‘I Love You‘ is their most political track to date. It builds as it progresses, finally unleashing a fury particularly towards the Irish powers that be. What will they produce next?

David Holmes, Raven Violet -‘It’s Over, If We Run Out Of Love’

Pure and utter joy. This became a go-to track to lift the spirits in 2022. How is it possible to create such an atmosphere in a song? And what key change. Still thrills.

Been Stellar -‘Kids 1995

Discovering new music and new bands is a delight. Brooklyn’s Been Stellar landed on these shores, playing The Great Escape and a number of dates across the UK and Ireland. Releasing their debut self-titled EP only increased the interest in this band. Kids 1995‘ creates a sound which is difficult to pigeon-hole. That guitar section mid-track creates goosebumps every time. Already confirmed for SXSW next year, there is obviously more to come from this talented 5-piece.

The Lounge Society – ‘No Driver

Hebden Bridge’s The Lounge Society produced one of the albums of the year with their debut Tired of Liberty. Produced by Dan Carey and released on Speedy Wunderground it confirmed their creativity which had already resulted in 2021’s EP Silk for the Starving. ‘No Driver‘ took everything up a level. The noise, the lyrics, the chaos, the themes – it all contributed to a produce a song which sits with you long after it has finished.

Personal TrainerThe Lazer

The fizzing energy and rousing music of Holland’s Personal Trainer is so good for the soul. A collective led by charismatic Willem Smit they are having a blast playing their music, and it shows. ‘The Lazer’ is earworm inducing, in the best way of course. Music to jump around to and put a huge smile on your face – and there is always a place for such music.

Regressive Left -‘The Wrong Side of History

At nearly eight minutes this is easily the longest single on the list. Electronic music plus guitar and drums, this trio are producing music with socially pointed lyrics and beats for the dancefloor. Boy do those eight minutes whizz by.

Maruja -‘Thunder

The return of the saxophone is welcomed with open arms. Manchester’s Jazz punks Maruja create their music from improvising together. ‘Thunder’ is an astonishing track. There is story-telling in the music and it’s captivating. Opening quietly yet moving into chaos and fury, the lyrics add a layer to the music rather than being central. Again it quietens down but not for long, before the pace quickens with thunderous drums and thrashing guitars. But on ‘Thunder‘ it is the saxophone that has the final say.

Julia Mason's Tracks of the Year 2022

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