NEWS: Lambrini Girls cement their iconic punk status with their explosive 'You're Welcome' EP launch 2

NEWS: Lambrini Girls cement their iconic punk status with their explosive ‘You’re Welcome’ EP launch

The Lambrini Girls have just launched their explosive debut EP, You’re Welcome, via Big Scary Monsters. With the gaping inequality and stagnant state of imbalance in this country at the moment, frustration with those in power is growing. The current wave of industrial action is revealing a restless nation, fuelled with righteous indignation and The Lambrini Girls are the perfect band to the soundtrack to this zeitgeist, kicking down barriers and provoking necessary change. As singer and guitarist Phoebe Lunny told NME, “Punk in itself was about inciting positive change, but now, it is literally about fucking men stomping around on stage singing about capitalism when they all come from fucking five-bedroom houses in Surrey.” This is the punk that we need right now – the punk to incite real change. The Lambrini Girls are here to grab the proponents of toxic masculinity by the scuff of the neck, screaming in their faces, propelling them into the 21st Century.

The Lambrini girls are exactly the band that the world needs right now- punk in it’s purest sense, pushing for long awaited change. Their energy could power a continent and inspire others to do the same.

Their latest record, You’re Welcome contains previous singles ‘Help Me I’m Gay’ as well as White Van and ‘Lads Lads Lads‘ calling out toxic masculinity. Other tracks include ‘Boys In The Band’ identifying abusers in the scene, and ‘Terf Wars’– with the message that transphobia has no place in feminism, whilst ‘Mr Lovebomb’ looks at altering behaviour in relationships.

Vocalist Lunny told Rolling Stone “What we really want to do is get ourselves into spaces that aren’t designed for people like us….queer people, femme people, non-binary people – anyone who isn’t a straight white man.”  I think as a society, we’re all very much waking up to how much representation in society matters, whether it’s gender related, or ethnicity related. It matters because you can really internalize this idea that you don’t belong in certain space.

Brighton-based Lambrini Girls want to create spaces at shows for anyone who feels like there isn’t a place for them there already. They said, “no one deserves to feel uncomfortable, no one deserves to feel invisible. Start conversations with your mates, never let anyone stop you existing authentically and most importantly: Gays to the front.” 

To celebrate their latest EP, they did one of the wildest record launches that Resident Records in Brighton has ever seen. They tweeted, “Friday will go down in Resident history, as one of the best in-stores of all time!”

All gig boundaries were pushed to their limit to the thrill of everyone in the audience. The gig saw vocalist, Phoebe, sitting on a punter’s shoulders, crowd surfing, walking upside down across the ceiling of the shop like a punk spider girl, singing, whilst Lily Macieira‘s riff roared not missing a single note.  It was chaotic, wild and wonderful. This is the band we need right now; raging for change and equality but with their trademark wit and charisma. Midway through the gig, Phoebe asked if anyone wanted anything from the shops. whilst bassist Lily Macieira stood in the street playing riotous riffs while the superb The Wytches drummer Demelza Mather fiercely held the fort for the Lambrini Girls’ regular drummer who they insist is Banksy. Lunny eventually came back from the shops to riotous cheers saying “Does anyone want sugar? Mars Bars? Pot Noodles? Shower Gel?’ ” Throwing them into the crowd before pouring Lambrini into the open mouths of the audience

Almost every inch of the record shop was climbed on and familiar faces from last week’s Great Escape festival could be seen in the audience including the lead singers of post punks, Snayx, Negative Measures and more. The Lambrini Girls held the audience in the palm of their hand, merging the important need for social change with the witty and chaotic, truly embracing the spirit of punk.

As well as their EP, The Lambrini Girls released ‘Boys in the Band.’ single on Friday. Despite the wild humour and energy at the launch show, they he took a moment to have a serious chat about the meaning behind the song, sitting on the counter and discussing the abuse culture within the music industry. They described how it is something that they have directly experienced and how intimidating lad culture can be. Phoebe said that even in the room that we stood in, there were probably abusers who we needed to call out even if they are our mates. We need to believe it when people say that they were abused and not let these people get away with it. That’s what punk was supposed to be for; inciting change. They said if you don’t call out your friends you are on the side of the abuser and it perpetuates the issue. Bassist, Lily Macieira added, “STEP UP Brighton! Take your Finger out of your arse and smell the shit.” We need this rage for change as this kind of abuse has gone on for too long. Phoebe then gave a whip-smart social commentary singing,

“Give a Big Hand/ For the boys in the band who can do everything better than me
An overnight success, just from banging on their chest
As we cheer beneath the glass ceiling/ We’ve only ever dreamt of the majority they represent
Who could get away with anything ……You’ve gotta say they’re not safe to be around

We need this rage after such abuse has been perpetuated and ignored for so long. We need this empowering platform for change, delivered with fierce punk spirit, quirky wit and sincerity. After that song. Phoebe said “Who’s ready for a proper punk gig? Who wants a proper mosh?” Before leading the entire audience of the instore gig outside, cementing their DIY aesthetic as random people carried parts of the drum kit outside and reassembled it in the middle of the street. Phoebe started with fan favourite song ‘Craig David” with a call and response from the crowd:

When I say Craig, you said David.   Craig… David, Craig David

When I say say The King

When I say Lambrini …you say Girls

And when I say Prince Andrew,” you say, “ is a sweaty nonce. ” Holding the microphone out, the crowd chanted “Sweaty nonce ” in unison before diving into the middle of the pavement and starting the mother of all mosh pits.

Wytches drummer Demelza, built the crowd into a frenzy with the wild percussion while the crowd chanted, charging into each other, limbs and Lambrini flying, to the frenzied beat, all in good humour and laughter as some innocent shoppers made their way through the moshing crowd to buy teabags from the Tescos up the road.

During the launch show, the audience were all immersed in the Lambrini Girl’s world; a world of equality and change, charisma, common sense and wit. They Kung Fu kicked the glass ceiling, taking toxic masculinity by the scruff of the neck and screaming it into the 21st Century. It is what punk was made for; positive change. Powered by  Lambrini and kryptonite the old order doesn’t stand a chance. It’s what we need right now.  Rage for change. No wonder Iggy Pop is a fan.

Lambrini Girls are due to open for Iggy Pop for his Dog Day Afternoon at London’s Crystal Palace on 1st July, as well as their own headline tour in May and June and a long list of live dates including 2000 Trees, Truck Festival, Rebellion and many more.

Buy their EP HERE and catch them live at the dates below while you can. Buy tickets HERE


*Headline Show

26 – Art Rock Festival, Saint Brieuc
27- Levitation, Angers
31 – Lexington, London*

03 – SUBU Summer Ball, Bournemouth
09- Aucard de Tours, Tours
10- Fete de L’ilot, Dunkerque
13 – Heartbreakers, Southampton*
14 – Rough Trade, Bristol*
15 – Yes basement, Manchester*
16 – Hug & Pint, Glasgow*
17 – Ferocious – Alternative Pride, Leeds
18 – Norwich Arts Center, Norwich*
29- Garorock, Marmande

01 – Crystal Palace, London – with Iggy Pop
06- 2000trees Festival, Cheltenham
15 – Valkhof, Nijmegen
16- Dour Festival, Dour
21 – Truck Festival, Steventon

Sat 07 – Future Days, Birmingham

04- Micro Festival, Liège
05- Absolutely Free Festival, Genk
19 – Cabaret Vert, Charleville Mezieres

Sat 09/09/2023 – Misty Fields, Asten-Heusden

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