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20 questions with… Jim Auton

To celebrate God Is In The TV’s 20th birthday, we’ve been reflecting on the last 20 years. 

Behind the scenes of God is in the TV is a team of talented writers with a passion for all things music related – and we thought that it’d be nice to put them in the spotlight. 

Some of our writers recently sat down to answer a series of questions about the last 20 years in the music – covering their favourite albums, memorable live performances and much more.

Today we’re chatting to Jim, who has been writing for God is in the TV for half a decade.

What was your first review for GIITTV? 

It’ll come as no surprise to some that my first review was Desperate Journalist at Oslo 20/4/2018. Feels like it’s been more than 5 and a half years.

What’s your favourite album?

Oh, God Lord. Errr…as with my 20 Songs for 20 Years i’ll have to just not think about it too hard… Father John MistyI Love You, Honeybear. That’s not right. No.. No…i can’t.  Yes, that’ll do.

Which artist has had the biggest impact on your life?

In the last 20 years, it is Desperate Journalist. I think more than anything they sparked my love for new music again to the point that its now an obsession.

What’s your favourite soundtrack?

Whilst there are some problematic themes, I think the soundtrack for The Boat That Rocked is superb, and the way it’s used in the film is great. Does make you realise how brilliant the 60’s were.

What’s the best show that you’ve attended?

Now i have to try and dig into the memory banks and think, and i will probably come up with a repetitive answer.  It is probably Desperate Journalist but if it is, it will be when they supported Slow Readers Club at Highbury Garage and utterly blew them off the stage to the point that the Slow Readers (my own moniker for their fans) were chanting “Journalists, Journalists”. Phenomenal set.

What’s your favourite review that you’ve written for God is in the TV?

Oh, probably my take down of Coldplay, Music for Spheres, or whatever its called. Abysmal record, but fun to take down.

What’s the most memorable show that you’ve reviewed for God is in the TV? 

I think getting to cover Green Man was pretty great. It’s a brilliant festival  and it was a superb line up. Spell binding sets by Jesca Hoop and Aldous Harding. And the beer was amazing for a festival. 

What’s the most disappointing show that you’ve attended?

Not for the artist I saw, but I was at a Gaz Coombes solo set at Reading Sub89 and the amount of talking throughout was embarassing and quite frankly offensive to Gaz. I went to review him but ended up ranting in my piece about the ignorance, arrogance and entitlement of some people that go to gigs.

What’s been your greatest musical discovery writing for God is in the TV?

Enjoyable Listens, aka Luke Duffett. The man is an enigma. Stunning voice, incredible lyricist, brilliant songwriter, one of the best front-person slash performer you will ever see, and good god that man is a beautiful looking human.

Which artist have you seen the most?

Desperate Journalist. Around 25 times in 8 years. 

What’s the furthest you’ve travelled to a show?

Budapest. Mumford and Sons around the second album with my now wife. 

What’s your favourite venue?

The Lexington, Islington. The pub downstairs is brilliant, the venue upstairs is great with a raised bar area and high stage so you can’t not see the band.

Is there a show or a tour that you missed, which you bitterly regret?

Well, one has just come up. I was introduced to Thus Love on a Wednesday morning a few weeks ago because someone had seen them at 100 Club the night before and they were playing a second date that night. I loved the album but decided against making the journey to the big smoke. I am now utterly obessed with the band and the album and the singles this year and i really really regret not going. Foolish.

Do you have a favourite collaboration?

Erm…I liked the Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile album they did. Listened to that recently. ‘Over Everything’ is a great song. 

Who’s the most impressive support act you’ve seen?

I have sort of answered that already but i knew they were brilliant before I went so I will say Wunderhorse supporting Sorry last year. Or even Sorry when i saw them supporting HMLTD in Guildford and they were so so good.

What’s your favourite music video?

That’s a difficult one. I always loved The White Stripes video for ‘Hardest Button to Button’ which is weirdly 20 years ago. The stop start motion using lots of drum kits and guitar amps up and down stairs and in and out of Underground tube trains. Very clever. Mind’s blank though.

Who do you think is the most underrated artist?

Now I will repeat myself – Desperate Journalist should be the one of the biggest bands in the world. Four almost flawless albums. One of the best bands i have ever seen live. Lovely people. Just the best best band.

Who do you think is the most overrated artist?

Ha ha how long have i got?!? Arcade Fire, Wet Leg, The 1975.… but I will go with another band I have panned, Sleaford Mods. I just don’t get it. Terrible.

Has your music taste changed?

I wouldn’t say changed, but maybe evolved a bit. I’m listening to a lot of different styles and genres and i can appreciate something about most types of music now. But i will never not love a guitar and blinding solo. It’s ingrained.

Have you met any musicians? If so, what was your favourite encounter?

I did a phone interview with Grian Chatten of Fontaines DC when he was walking around Austin, Texas during SXSW, which was good. Think it was before the first album came out, or maybe just after. Really nice guy and a really good interviewee.

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