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Tracks of the Week #255

If anyone else in their forties that hasn’t been in a moshpit for quite a while decide it might be a good idea to give it another go for old times sake, let me give you some advice. Either, just don’t, or try it for one or two songs and then retreat to the back for a nice rest and a glass of water. Otherwise you may be struggling to move, like me, two days later. Here’s Tracks of the Week. I’m off for a lie down. 

Chastity Belt – Hollow

Why we love it: Because Chastity Belt aren’t satisfied with only getting into Tracks of the Week courtesy of a Kurt Vile cover of one of their songs (TOTW #252), they want to be there in their very own right. And they achieve that objective with their brand new single, ‘Hollow’, which is taken from their forthcoming album, Live Laugh Love (out on March 29th next year via Suicide Squeeze Records).

Band member Julia Shapiro, explains that ‘Hollow’ is about “feeling lost and stuck, waiting for something to change without necessarily taking action.” She adds, “The older I get, the more I realize that I might just always feel this way, and it’s more about sitting with the feeling and accepting it, rather than trying to fight it.”

There may well be a sense of personal inertia lying at the heart of ‘Hollow’ but that still doesn’t stop it achieving lift off in a dreamy haze of luscious jangly guitars and wrenching vocals. (Simon Godley)

Her Picture – Choir Song

Why we love it: It’s not every day that you hear a track that includes a 15-piece choir but that’s exactly what Her Picture have included in their second single ‘Choir Song’. Recorded in Glasgow’s Kelvinside Hillhead Parish Church the song contains a one-line lyric refrain which is intended to evoke the idea of a choral refrain. “All you have is a hole in the ground and the ones you choose to drag down” is sung by lead singer and lyricist Anny Tahaney. The result is a hypnotic haunting track, accompanied by soaring instrumentation which builds throughout. The alternative rock band have produced something very special with their experimentation. The tension continues to develop as the track progresses until it simply has nowhere else to go and comes crashing back down to earth. An intriguing, ambitious track. (Julia Mason) 

Girl Ray – Everybody’s Saying That (live at The state51 Factory)

Why we love it: Because Girl Ray continue to dance away. Inspired by the disco music of the ‘80s, ‘Everybody’s Saying That’ lights up the dancefloor with its shuffling groove and shimmering beat. This live version of the song that first appeared on the band’s highly acclaimed third album, Prestige (released back in August on Moshi Moshi) was captured at The state51 Factory (the creative studio located at the north end of Brick Lane in London). 

It’s fun, it’s loose, and affirms Girl Ray’s continuing shift towards the realms of disco pop. Great stuff. (Simon Godley)

Gen and the Degenerates – Famous
Why we love it: Alt-punk collective Gen and the Degenerates have released their new single ‘Famous’ taken from their debut album Anti-Fun Propaganda which is set for release on 23 February 2024 via Marshall Records. Recorded and produced by the Ross Orton (Arctic Monkeys, Amyl and the Sniffers, Drenge, Gang of Four) its an absolute riot of a track, poking fun at celebrity. All distorted vocals and guitars full of static the chorus is nonetheless party central. What do you do when it feels like the world is crumbling around you? For Gen and the Degenerates, the answer is to have fun. Vocalist Gen expands:
I don’t want to shy away from the darkness of being a human. But by that merit, I don’t want to be fully consumed by it and forget to have fun and be silly and make light of it. I think it’s important to have these difficult conversations with a sense of lightness and humour.”
Speaking on the single ‘Famous’ she shares: “It’s kind of a poison pill disguised as a pop confection. It’s taking a satirical look at celebrity culture, materialism, and where we draw our self-worth from, but it’s masquerading as a sexy, unrequited love song. That’s how it began life, but we reworked the music with Ross towards a darker place, and the lyrics took a more sarcastic and satirical turn…” (Julia Mason)

Frances of Delirium – Blue Tuesday
Why we love it: because this is the first single from Frances of Delirium since they announced their debut LP, which has felt like a long time coming. Following on from several ace EPs, there is an album due in the new year, Lighthouse, recorded between Jana’s native Luxembourg and London, produced by the band and Catherine Marks of boygenius notoriety. 
This does what Frances of Delirium have always done best, enfuse great pop songs with a grunge undercurrent, a subtle heavy guitar lower in the mix that coats everything in a lacquer of conforting distortion and slight melancholy. 
Described as “…. one of the heavier tracks on the album….. This one was made to be played loud and fast live, it’s a song to sweat to”. (Jim Auton) 

Mount Palomar featuring Harry Wilkinson – Embers
Why we love it: Mount Palomar is the Belfast-based producer and live electronic hardware act Neil Kerr.  He began Mount Palomar in early 2018 and in 2019, self-released two bodies of work, Black Knight’s Tango and The Perils Of Youth on his newly founded Ursa Minor label.  Spread across twin vinyl and clocking in at over 50 minutes long, both EPs disregarded normal arrangements and structures so often found in dance music and were widely praised for being emotive, inventive and bold. 
He now releases his new track ‘Embers’ featuring Harry Wilkinson, the lead singer of Manchester band Maruja.  It begins slowly enough with a quiet, considered opening which very quickly jumps into life.  The dance beats are fast and furious, with a repetition that is as captivating as it is entrancing.  The vocal is equally as fast and the delivery seems impossible such is the pace. 
Thematically ‘Embers’ is perhaps an introspective dialogue, trying to work out the challenges of the human condition.  Frustration builds with the beats, the chorus is seeped in clubland while the verses simply get speedier as they progress.  Thrilling. (Julia Mason) 

Vlure – Heaven
Why we love it: Glasgow based Vlure have released their new single ‘Heaven Sent’.  Their euphoric vibe seems to be on an even higher level on this new track.  An exhilarating soundscape which feels completely overwhelming such is its power and passion.  Vlure have toured to critical acclaim during 2023, with headline shows across the UK and EU.  They have been gathering fans wherever they go and will round out the year with shows in London and Glasgow.  ‘Heaven Sent’ is an electrifying addition to their arsenal.  I’ll see you on the dancefloor. (Julia Mason) 


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