Goodluck Jonathan – This Is Our Way Out (Something Nothing Records)

Goodluck Jonathan

This release bleeds with every kind of emotion possible and undoubtedly seeks acceptance from its listener. If you are having a bad day and just feel like having a good cry then whack Goodluck Jonathan into your stereo, and you will instantly be drenched in sadness.

Musically this ‘This Is Our Way Out’ definitely tips on brilliance with its simplistic bass riffs and twangy guitar solos; however, you cannot help but become overwhelmed by its lyrical submissions. The albums intensity seems to reflect some kind of heartbreak with a high proportion of the lyrics to its songs being incredibly deep in their entirety; this enables the listener to become full of emotion upon its first play.

Proving this fact is track ‘Lights Burn My Eyes’; with lyrics that ooze such despair – ‘You broke my soul’ and ‘I’m dying inside’. They fill you with rapturous feelings and easily bring a tear to your eye. But then you have the contrast of ‘Stop’ that’s lyrics shout ‘You’re not so f***ing clever now’ repeatedly throughout its chorus. This has you wondering if this album is a step by step guide to a relationship break up.

The strongest highlighting track is clearly ‘Away From Here’. You listen to such a beautifully sensual masterpiece, which is full of relaxing vocals. You cannot help but bare a clear hypnotic temperament throughout the ensemble.

The best way to describe other clear stand out track ‘Fatman’ is simply to call it amazing. It hones exciting riffs that build up to an unexpected change in tempo, that indifferently revert to its original up beat mentality. Unpredictable music is always a good thing these days, earning the band a slight unique feel.

Overall, the album is only 36 minutes long, concluding that a very short release can ultimately be unusually satisfying.


Goodluck Jonathan – Away From Here by Cannonball_PR

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