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Persian Poetry: Hiatus – Delam

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Hiatus has been a regular on GIITTV due to his beautiful Iranian influenced music.

This is something slightly different from him, spoken word, set to music. The spoken word artist being none other than his own father – reciting Persian poetry from memory.

Emotive and spoken in old fashioned Farsi, this is a very personal track from him. As he explained to me

The idea of getting my Dad in the vocal booth has been hovering at the back of my mind for some time – I’m constantly trying to capture a sense of both the closeness and the distance I feel to Iran as a country and as a culture, and there’s no better prism for expressing that than my father. In the event, he turned up with pages of Hafiz poetry photocopied from a book, and it didn’t sound at all how I’d planned – he was constantly dropping pages and losing his place, and the overall effect was of someone trying to sound like a famous Iranian poet, when what I’d wanted was to paint an accurate portrait of my father – his failing memory, his formidable humanity. Eventually I suggested he put the papers to one side and recite a few of his favourite lines from memory, which is what he did, and the result was pretty much exactly what you hear in the tune. It started out as a bit of fun, but along with Tiny Doors, the track that closes Parklands, this is one of the pieces of music that means the most to me. I feel it captures something of the void between failing memory and the unfaltering attachment of Iranians to their homeland”

This is yet another beautiful track from Hiatus, please do take a listen




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