Pobl Y Bryn - Blas EP

Pobl Y Bryn – Blas EP

Pobl Y Bryn

What happens when guitarist of Mother Earth decides to head in another direction? The answer is simple, Pobl Y Bryn (Hill People) a Welsh speaking rock n roll band. Let’s us pretend that’s the answer you were thinking of!

Matt Deighton their guitarist, who has toured with the likes of Paul Weller and Oasis (replacing Noel Gallagher), has now moved on to a venture and new creation headed by Cler Fach the singer and songwriter of all lyrics spoken in Welsh, that blends the classic rock sound.

Yn Rhad Ac AM Ddim’ (Free, Gratis) opens the ‘Blas EP’ with an Indie rock riff that introduces Cler Fach’s power singing which bleeds with Stevie Nicks attitude. Their experience and maturity allows Welsh speakers the chance to join in with catchy vocals, air guitar to the melodic solo. Non-Welsh speakers will be itching to join in, ‘but, but what are they saying?’ Are the kind of questions to be heard from some listening of this EP. The answer is ask a Welsh speaking friend.

Dringo’r Waliau’ (Climbing the Walls), is a toe tapping hold your collar and let’s go for it vibe, a country rock sound where Matt Deighton and Amos Cooper show skills that have kept them in employment for years. The wonderful solos that work well with Pobl Y Bryn, enigmatic front woman Cler Fach and drummer Barry Turner who keeps the track tight and in time.
Third track, Toddi (Melting), a slow start that sounds as if it would be-fitting for a phantom of the opera type musical. Cler Fach shows her adaptability from classic rock chick to a haunting vocal that would caress the soundtrack to a play that Bill Kenwright may produce.

Blas’s final track Pobl Y Bryn (Hill People) opens with Chris Wright’s dirty bass that‘s reminiscent of American rock outfit Queens of the Stoneage. Cler Fach moulds together the unique vocals with classic rock and indie style sounds, brought on by all five members of this fledgling yet experienced rock band that recently supported Status Quo at the Llanfest festival.

A foundation built with backbone, Pobl Y Bryn has this. Pure rock guitars and heavy bass, joins forces with a front woman that shows how poetic the Welsh language is with heavy drums. Salivating? Good, then get the EP from ITunes now. Go Get it.


              Band Members

  • Cler Fach – Vocals
  • Matt Deighton – Guitar
  • Amos Cooper – Guitar
  • Ian Trotter- Drums
  • Chris Wright – Bass


             Track Listing

  1. Yn Rhad Ac Am Ddim – Free, Gratis
  2. Dringo’r Waliau – Climbing the Walls
  3. Toddi – Melting
  4. Pobl Y Bryn – Hill Folk



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