Tracks Of The Week #132

Tracks Of The Week #132

Welcome to our first music selection of the year. As we hurtle into 2021 (we are into February already!) and still in lockdown amidst a pandemic and multiple threats (Lockdown, Brexit, streaming, PRS licenses) facing our favourite venues and artists, these are the new songs providing some comfort this past seven days. We are changing things up a bit with TOTW this year, with shorter reasons and more guests and artists choosing their favourite new songs. Follow our playlist here with fresh tracks added every week.

Kynsy – Elephant in the Room

Why we love it: Ciara Lindsey AKA Kynsy’s new track ‘Elephant in The Room’ is a woozy and buzzing, meditative ode to disillusionment that recalls the electro-noir of Chromatics but swells into an open hearted alt pop chorus invested with Irish artist Kynsy’s dynamic vocal range. There are glimmers of Sharon Van Etten and Saint Vincent about its ability to glide from intimate to epic. ‘Elephant in the room’ could be the issues we are ignoring in plain sight as our worlds are locked down.

Venus Grrrls – Goth Girl

Why we love it: Venus Grrrls release their visceral shouty punk rock anthem ‘Goth Girl’ buzzing and crashing with a collision of guitars and playful synths, its kinetic reminding one of glam punk and riot grrl bands of the late 90s and early noughties. The temperature is turned up to eleven with a memorable and fearsome vocal that puts its foot on your neck. This visceral eyeliner smeared song skewers the cliches of goth culture and witchcraft. This is a group of fearless women from Leeds that are standing up for women in the industry and beyond. Catchy and powerful.

SLONK – Colin

 Why we love it:Colin‘ the second single to be taken from SLONK’s upcoming album ‘Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years?’, out via Breakfast Records on the 27th August. ‘Colin’ is a wonderful, wonky lo-fi anthem riddled with fuzzy guitars and analog synths, it sounds like it’s going to combust at any moment. Trundling down the street with yelped repeated bittersweet refrains delivered like a mantra, it collapses on the floor into a glorious singalong that recalls the work of Los Campesinos and Sparklehorse and imagines a character stuck in a dead end job that doesn’t know what he is doing, forever.

Sophia Kennedy – Cat On My Tongue

Why we love it: Cat On My Tongue‘ is a layered, playful track that heaps looping hip hop beats, with psychy textures and Kennedy’s unique vocal stylings that are both spoken and sung with a swing, recalling the earworm qualities of Ace of Base and the artful theatricality of U.S Girls, uniquely capturing that feeling of not being able to express yourself.

Denuo – All I Need

Why we love it: Elegant and haunting ‘All I Need‘ clasps onto memories that are worth keeping, this glacial sumptuous track pairs subtle percussive landscapes riven with Kerry William’s saxophone, with Welsh multi instrumentalist Mason’s tender vocals. Elements of latter Roxy Music and Peter Gabriel gather like clouds above the head as Mason delivers a heartfelt love letter in a beguiling tone: ‘the only place I would be right now/is by your side/that’s all I need right now’.

CHINAH – Mysterious

Why We love it: CHINAH’s new single ‘Mysterious’ is both beguiling and beautiful, ‘Mysterious’ was created through the Danish group’s unorthodox approach to the writing process creating a layered pop song that pulls you close. Featherlight, soothing vocals ripple through a tapestry of laid back beats garnished with fluttering samples and synths, an intriguing piece of meditative pop music that taps into the cliche of a woman being attracted to a mystery man.

Lael Neale – Blue Vein

Why we love it: Haunting and isolated ‘Blue Vein’ is Laeal Neal’s late night revelation, her quivering vocal is utterly spellbinding and heartbreaking as her voice trembles upon the nature of living and overcoming the struggle of it. Scratchy sepia tinged prodiction as the LA artist’s extroadinary vocal is joined by an
isolated guitar strum and omnichord motif. A song that would fit perfectly on a David Lynch soundtrack, “some say the truth springs for reservoir seekers, but I think the truth sings to whoever listens” she sings at the end. This ode to living authentically despite the struggle, is utterly crushing and one of the best things I’ve heard this year so far.

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