Relive - Sounds of the New Era (EP)

Relive – Sounds of the New Era (EP)

Returning with his new mesmerising electronic EP Sounds of the New Era is Alvaro Sardina under his new artist alias, Relive, a new concept of electronic music that breaks away from the typical music genres that surround us today. His ambitious sound could easily be mistaken for the likes of Axel Boman, Dj Python or Bonobo, though Relive’s music holds a unique twist of classical inspired progressions. His music often brings an eccentric sound that blends multiple genres and rhythms with enlightenment. 

Hailing from the streets of Madrid, Relive grew up around the busy and vibrant nightlife scene which he ended up being involved with. From running club events such as Zoological Club and the Zombie Club, to graduating from professional piano studies at the Aldofo Salazar music school in Madrid where he honed his skills in classical music, it’s easy to see why Relive’s sound is so unique and ambitious. Alvaro expresses his relief for releasing Sounds of the New Era after finding his true sound: “This year, finally, was the year. After a long and beautiful process of composition over the years, I decided to take it one step further. I decided to fight my fears. I decided to share with the world all my potential, straight from the heart”. 

Sounds of the New Era is a three track EP that smoothly blends sonics with delayed shuffle drums to create colourful textures throughout. The first track of the EP, ’Golden Land’ is an upbeat groove laced with four-to-the-flour kicks and intricate percussions. It begins with soft percussion, blending polyrhythms, funky moving bass-lines and the twinkling sounds of harps. This intro follows with a drum beat that makes you go from side to side, and sets the tone perfectly for the rest of the hypnotic and miraculous EP. 

Throughout, this three track EP has much to offer and stands tall in a music scene that has flourished in the past 5 years. It’s multi instrumental sounds throughout give a unique edge to house music, and all come together to create something elegant, nostalgic and motivating. 

Listen to Sounds of the New Era in the link below.

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