The three members of the band Snake Eyes
Credit: Jessie Rose

snake eyes – health (Alcopops! Records)

Brighton trio snake eyes formed in 2020 with the mission statement to forge a bond with like-minded people who found comfort and joy in their songs. With new EP health, this bond will be spread ever wider. It’s the first on their new home of Alcopops! Records, and what an addition to the indie labels roster.

The EP opens with ‘no one is truly cool’, and this sets the scene for the EP. What an important reminder. Trying to aspire to those around us who may be perceived to be cool is simply not worth the stress. The lyrics of Jim Heffy (vocalist/guitar) speak of being happy within your own true self:

at least you owe yourself honesty
stay fake this life’s just a comedy

don’t take me for a fool
it’s clear you’re miserable
no one is truly cool
so don’t worry about it

snake eyes describe themselves as “grit pop”, and the leaning is definitely more towards the grit than the pop! On ‘crybaby‘ the mental health catharsis that music can offer to those who are struggling is acknowledged here. The shared experience of music is one of the joys of life and here snake eyes talk of self acceptance.
“you want a problem?
cos we’ve got plenty, take your pick”

medicine’ blasts out the blocks and propels forward with the driving bassline of Nicole Gill (bass/vocals). It’s a raucous track, with a head-banging rhythm and screeching guitars towards the end. To be perfectly honest as soon as its finished it was repeated immediately.

And with a little strum of the guitar we’re into ‘40 winks‘, one of the highlights of the EP. But this quickly launches into a thumping track, the thrashing drums of Thomas Coe-Brooker dominating along with the wild guitar off kilter with sleep deprived frustration. Heffy expands on the track:

“I’ve always been a sufferer of insomnia—ruminating on the past, present, and future. the song is a reflection of that. about feeling beaten down by yourself and by the goings on of the world, and a general feeling of helplessness. appreciating the little things can go a long way. a bombastic banger for those operating on 4 hours sleep.”

snake eyes have produced an EP with fire in its belly. It contains themes of self-respect, kindness and positivity all delivered with a frenetic raw edge that welcomes all in. The final track ‘nothing better‘ provides the perfect last word:

“Just remember
know your worth, know you’re loved, don’t need nothing more
nothing better, nothing better
nothing better, nothing better”

For more information on snake eyes please check out their facebook and instagram.


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