Pulco’s ‘The Man Of Lists’ explained

Pulco’s ‘The Man Of Lists’ explained

‘The Man Of Lists’ is the latest work from the prolific North Walian bedroom artist Pulco (aka Ash Cooke). It is a wonderful collaborative album consisting of twenty five tracks– Cooke’s spoken word pieces set against an eclectic musical soundscapes provided by a plethora of fine musicians including Picturebox, Snippet, Adam Leonard, Ratatosk, Gwildor, Dan Carlson and more. It’s the follow up to his ace 2011 album ‘Small Thoughts’ and he has kindly sent us his track by track explanation of the album.Alongside an exclusive PDF download of the accompanying ‘Man Of Lists’ book with illustration and poetry. Which is not currently available any where else apart from as a hard copy when purchasing the CD album.



1. Man of lists introduction

I feel that all of my albums need an introduction. This one is no exception! The intro track plays out like a twisted public announcement drawing in the listener and leading them into the music beyond

2. The whole picture – feat. Picturebox

“Looking forward, to pastures new” sometimes I am so excited by new ideas, inspired to make new music that it is hard to see how it can all come together as one. Sometimes you only get to glimpse a small part of a bigger picture.

3. Music – feat. Snippet

“Where is the music in my head?” On other occasions inspiration deserts me! ‘Music’ is a pleasant little tune that tells the story of an instance of writers block.

4. Opportunities with music -feat. Adam Leonard

“Hoping for the best, wishing for things to go my way” Some days you get up with a bucket full of self-belief! Seizing the day you head out into your world expecting great things only to return home disappointed – bugger

5. The downside of things – feat. Picturebox

“I am an artist, musician and poet. Ultimately this will be my undoing!” As poems go this one pretty much does what it says on the tin.

6. Archive – feat. Buthchers Prime Cuts

We are all like lever arch files filling up with documents of life that evidence of our achievements. When we end our days the best we can hope for is that someone will keep that file for future generations to prove that our lives
meant something.

7. Small Thoughts – feat. Ratatosk

Spare time spent in the pursuit of creativity is a precious thing to a person dissolved in the real world. Treat it with respect!

8. Bugger the chickens – feat. Ian Thistlethwaite

Mouldy bread in a bag is sometimes destined to help feed the local Chickens. Other times it isn’t and it ends up in the bin ! Bugger those Chickens !

9. Owl/Abuse – feat. Gwildor

This is an abstract little poem inspired by the paintings of Flemish artist Jan Van Kessel. His works include ‘Monkey barbers serving Cats’ and ‘The mockery of the Owl’ weird pictures from a weird period of art

10. Chunk of blue – feat. Snippet

Our house is surrounded by a layer of beautifully rich blue quarry waste. When it rains the water washes the biggest pieces along on its journey through the gully’s and streams down and out to the open water along the banks of Bethesda. I wonder how far those stones get carried in a year ?

11. Sub Z’s – feat. Picturebox

One of the metrological inconveniences of living up a mountain that I have found is the incessant bouts of snow fall that envelope the landscape each year. This poem is about the beauty of snow

12. Vital signs – feat. Unexpected Bowtie

Life seems fine whilst all is running smoothly. Remove that domestic & financial certainty and a roller coaster ride of horror ensues.

13. Biro by the sofa – feat. Butchers Prime Cuts

Lists & thoughts. Stories written in desperation. The poem became the subject of the poem and observations were made.

14. Sandy Floors – feat. Gwildor

Rhythmic poems interest me. This one lists words which paint a picture of what was happening at the time

15. Oxbow Lake – feat. Adam Leonard

“I’m 39 and my life is like an Oxbow lake” It seems that as you go through life and continue to turn new chapters then one path invariably fades out in favour of another. This is not meant to be a sad poem but more of an observation of that fact.

16. Boony Capers – feat. Butchers Prime Cuts

A poem about the tricks required to get little kids to sleep

17. Datanet – feat. Gwildor

Any person with a modest knowledge of computer technology will know that the administrators of any network can monitor and document your digital activity. This poem deals with the paranoia that can build up regarding that
data and what is being done with it.

18. Sorepaw – feat. Ratatosk

Here is a fruity little piece about taking a picture for an album cover. In it I have a beer gut and liken the image to the cover of Vashti Bunyan’s Diamond Day.

19. Hollow Here – feat. Snippet

The aftermath of an argument.

20. Cabin Fever – feat. Ian Thistlethwaite

How twitchy can you get when the weather forces you to stay in the house for a good few days when you know that there is a lot to be done?

21. Poem over hovering ambience – feat. Adam Leonard

The warmer days of spring bring new ideas and positive hopes for the year ahead. Lists are needed!!

22. Up with the birds – feat.The Unexpected Bowtie

Sometimes you just have to get up and have a haircut.

23. Static – feat. Ratatosk

A mind can wander when there is nothing to do…….

24. Chips in the rain – feat.Ian Thistlethwaite

When your email goes silent it is often best to just get outside and eat chips in the rain.

25. Cover version for the American market – feat. Dan Carlson

This track is a second version of ‘Sorepaw’ with poetic interruptions by the wonderful Dan Carlson

The tracks can be listened to and bought at


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