Electro pop duo Lara and Lo aka Lowla return with their brand new EP Walls the follow up to their debut single ‘Reckless’, its due for release on 30th September 2016 via DIY.We have the video premiere for the title track ‘Walls’ watch it above.

Switching between delicate floating harmonies and grittier spoken vocals, all underscored by tribal drum beats of the street and screeching guitars. Its choruses carrying a message of social awareness, revolution and self empowerment, something like TLC colliding with All Saints. Its a fresh pop single with an edge, its got the swagger, the strut and the message. Of the track Lowla say: “‘Walls is all about the here and the now and the world that we live in. It’s a very personal number for us. We truly believe in the power of people getting together and making a change.”

Meeting by chance when creative stylist Lara featured as a guest vocalist on a track that Lo was producing, Lowla was born and the pair continue to pride themselves on their musical and visually pioneering creations

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