Now That’s What I Call Music: 100 Volumes 100 Favourites!

Now That’s What I Call Music: 100 Volumes 100 Favourites!


Friday July 20th marked a historic date for the Now That’s What I Call Music series. They released their 100th installment of the beloved series that started in 1983. To celebrate it, the compilers have released a special compilation divided into two parts. The first disc contains over 20 recent hits as usual, and the second disc is billed as a best of the Now series, featuring a selection of songs from throughout the last 35 years. The end results feel like a missed opportunity. Obviously, they’re never going to please everyone, but the feedback has been fairly negative. Starting the second CD with ‘Red Red Wine‘ by UB40 is the first warning sign (not that I’m against them in principle, those first two albums are solid). We’re also treated to ‘Angels‘, ‘Love Is All Around‘, ‘You’re Beautiful‘ and the worst Katy Perry single. No Pet Shop Boys, no George Michael, no Rihanna, no New Order and perhaps worse of all, no Girls Aloud!

Inspired by the mighty Popjustice picking 100 songs from each album, I did my own take on this. I went through the 100 Now compilations and picked an alternate track-listing for a very different Now experience. Instead of picking one song per album, I just went with any songs I desired (this is incredibly self indulgent I know). Obviously, people could well be just as unhappy with my choices as I and others were with the compilation released on Friday.

I tried to pick a selection of genres: pop, dance, indie, R&B and hip-hop (although I was shocked how little hip-hop featured on the compilations over the years). I also went for some key artists that defined the series, a few one hit wonders, huge number one singles that sit aside songs that just scraped the top 20. They’re all personal favourites. I also wanted to include plenty of 80s picks (just three made the official Now compilation!) and prove that pop music has continued to be great up until the present day — it didn’t die off in the mid 90s. There were some painful omissions (no Scissor Sisters, no Massive Attack, no Eurythmics and perhaps worse of all, no Charles & Eddie!).

So here they are, 100 songs that have appeared on the Now That’s What I Call Music compilations over the last 35 years. Now, where’s Mark Goodier to record the TV ad?

Disclaimer: ‘Give It You‘ by Jordan Knight is not included because it’s not on Spotify and we wanted an even 100 for the Spotify playlist.


1. The Human League – (Keep Feeling) Fascination

2. Madness – The Sun & The Rain

3. Tracey Ullman – They Don’t Know

4. Duran Duran – New Moon On Monday

5. Propaganda – Dr. Mabuse

6. Talk Talk – It’s My Life

7. Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Two Tribes

8. Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel – White Lines (Don’t Do It)

9. Cyndi Lauper – Time After Time

10. Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)

11. Siouxsie & The Banshees – Cities In Dust

12. Nu Shooz – I Can’t Wait

13. Cameo – Word Up

14. Janet Jackson – What Have You Done For Me Lately

15. Pet Shop Boys – Rent

16. Erasure – The Circus

17. M/A/A/R/S – Pump Up The Volume

18. Sinead O’Connor – Mandinka

19. Scritti Politti – Oh Patti (Don’t Feel Sorry For Loverboy)

20. Salt ‘N’ Pepper – Push It

21. Womack & Womack – Teardrops

22. Neneh Cherry – Buffalo Stance

23. The Cure – Lullaby

24. Adamski Feat. Seal – Killer

25. Betty Boo – Where Are You Baby?

26. The KLF – 3AM Eternal

27. Prince & The New Power Generation – Get Off

28. Sophie B. Hawkins – Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover

29. Shakespear’s Sister – I Don’t Care

30. En Vogue – My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get It)

31. SL2 – On A Ragga Tip

32. Sub Sub Feat. Melanie Williams – Ain’t No Love (Ain’t No Use)

33. K.D. Lang – Constant Craving

34. The Beloved – Sweet Harmony

35. New Order – Regret

36. Sade – No Ordinary Love

37. Crowded House – Distant Sun

38. Bjork & David Arnold – Play Dead

39. Sparks – When Do I Get To Sing “My Way”

40. Strike – U Sure Do

41. Livin’ Joy – Dreamer

42. Portishead – Sour Times

43. Weezer – Buddy Holly

44. Montell Jordan – This Is How We Do It

45. McAlmont & Butler – Yes

46. Lush – Ladykillers

47. Luniz – I Got 5 On It

48. Saint Etienne – He’s On The Phone

49. Suede – Trash

50. Everything But The Girl – Wrong


51. George Michael – Fastlove

52. B.B.E. – Seven Days And One Week

53. Pulp – This Is Hardcore

54. The Cardigans – Erase-Rewind

55. Shanks & Bigfoot – Sweet Like Chocolate

56. Supergrass – Moving

57. All Saints – Pure Shores

58. Moloko – The Time Is Now

59. Spiller Feat. Sophie Ellis-Bextor – GrooveJet (If This Ain’t Love)

60. Outkast – Ms. Jackson

61. Roger Sanchez – Another Chance

62. Basement Jaxx – Romeo

63. Daft Punk – Digital Love

64. Aaliyah – More Than A Woman

65. Eve Feat. Gwen Stefani – Let Me Blow Your Mind

66. Sugababes – Too Lost In You

67. Girls Aloud – The Show

68. Doves – Black & White Town

69. Rachel Stevens – So Good

70. Amerie – 1 Thing

71. Cassie – Me & U

72. Robbie Williams – Lovelight

73. Nelly Furtado – Say It Right

74. Kleerup Feat. Robyn – With Every Heartbeat

75. Britney Spears – Gimme More

76. The Veronicas – Untouched

77. Alphabeat – Fascination

78. Hot Chip – Ready For The Floor

79. Goldfrapp – A & E

80. Mini Viva – Left My Heart In Tokyo

81. Beyoncé – Sweet Dreams

82. Empire Of The Sun – We Are The People

83. Rihanna – Russian Roulette

84. Kelis – Acapella

85. Kylie – Get Outta My Way

86. Will Young – Jealousy

87. Katy Perry – Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)

88. Katy B – Broken Record

89. Lana Del Rey – Video Games

90. Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe

91. Paramore – Still Into You

92. G.R.L – Ugly Heart

93. Charli XCX Feat. Rita Ora – Doing It

94. Demi Lovato – Cool For The Summer

95. The 1975 – The Sound

96. Calvin Harris Feat, Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry & Big Sean – Feels

97. Stormzy – Big For Your Boots

98. Kendrick Lamar – Humble

99. Selena Gomez – Bad Liar

100. Ariana Grande – No Tears Left To Cry

101. Charles & Eddie – Would I Lie To You? (Special limited edition bonus track after two minutes of silence on the CD).

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5 thoughts on “Now That’s What I Call Music: 100 Volumes 100 Favourites!

  1. I’ll get indulgent myself. As you selected Shakespears Sister and I can’t plough through all the track listings myself; if Hello (Turn Your Radio On) figured on any of the Nows, I’d have chosen that. One of the cutest songs I ever heard with the most appropriate guitar solo imaginable and amazingly prescient lyrics from Fahey. In fact I’d have put it on #100. What have I started here?

  2. I don’t remember seeing Hello on any of the compilations but I could have just missed it. Totally agree on what a wonderful song that is. I Don’t Care has always been my favourite. I’d put them both ahead of Stay (which is also brilliant). They’re an underrated group.

  3. Perhaps you should think about the fans instead of putting together your own compilation. I hope aren’t making money this way, because it’s just unprofessional. You omit the Pet Shop Boys in favour of Madonna? Please. Get your priorities straight. “Material Girl” over “West End Girls”? Please.

  4. Thanks for the comment Jane. I didn’t actually include Madonna on this playlist. One of the few rules I had when compiling this playlist was that I had to pick songs that had featured on Now compilations over the years. Madonna never did, so that’s why I didn’t feature her on my list. I am a fan though and would have picked her if I could. I didn’t omit Pet Shop Boys, they are on there with Rent. West End Girls was never featured on any of the Now compilations. I was shocked at which Pet Shop Boys songs didn’t feature. No West End Girls, no It’s A Sin, no Can You Forgive Her, no Left To My Own Devices and no Being Boring (my favourite). Ultimately, I was happy to go with Rent as it is one of the best things they did for me. Finally, no I am not making any money from this. It’s just a list really. I had fun putting it together even if it did end up being a bit stressful with me overthinking it.

  5. Jane, what makes you think that Jonathan wasn’t thinking of the fans? Secondly, where is the problem with making your own compilation? Several pop music websites and writers have done the same. Have you given them the same treatment as you dished out to Jonathan? Thirdly, and I’m assuming you’re a Now fan given your response, you should know that Madonna has never appeared on any of the numbered series of Now albums and isn’t eligible for these reviews. And finally, write your own article in response. We’d all love to get a debate going about contrasting tastes.

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