Preaching From the Pews: Alex Winston

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Alex Winston is the new pop fiest on the block; she recently signed to Island Records and is currently working on her debut album, due for release this August.

With award-winning producer Charlie Huggall at the helm, initial fears of a Florence & the Machine copy-cat act were dispelled by Winston’s debut EP Sister Wife, released last February. Reliant on Winston’s lilted vocal, the songs drill into your brain and become permanently locked within your subconsciousness. They’re a charming introduction to the summer and perfect for mind meanderings; something T.K. Maxx picked up on when they used her song “Choice Notes” for their recent TV ad campaign.

Her two songs “Choice Notes” and “Sister Wife” have been remixed by Ladyhawke and Star Slinger respectively, and can be downloaded from the ever dominant rcrdlbl.

Choice Notes by Alex Winston

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