Warehouse Republic – Not Today

Warehouse Republic Not Today

Diving headfirst into its big proto-anthem chorus this single from Warehouse Republic feels like Richard Ashcroft covering Steve Harley, it’s all plinky plonky pianos, dreamy backing vocals, rising chord progressions to stir the spirit, but it feels flacid, twirling around its title, throwing in the occasional rhyme to add some flimsy context ‘When you’re blinded you don’t need the sun/You need no one’ sings Charlie Flynn with a reasonable amount of conviction for such an asinine statement.

There’s nothing particularly dreadful about the track, but its bombast is so sudden that it feel like a grand finale to a performance you’ve missed, its uplifting stylings fall flat when stripped of, say, an LP that builds thematically towards it or, at least, an intro to the song. Though, that also makes me sound like a bit of a stickler for structure, yes, you could make a song that starts at the climax and still stirs the soul, but it’s not this song, perhaps that’s down to its lyrics feeling like cookie-cutter sentiments of motivation or no real melodic hook beyond finding a couple of chords to fit the repeated titular refrain, it’s all those things. It’s a well produced little tune and impossible to form any feelings or impressions about the band it is – in this instance – representing, I wouldn’t turn my nose up at listening to more by this quartet, but I’m not intrigued enough to go and do so of my own volition.


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