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MS MR – UK dates, new single. Just who are they?


I love it when this happens. I go to a few gigs. Well a helluva lot, if truth be told, and as a consquence that’s where my friendships are made. So when we’ve just staggered out out into the yellow lit Northern Quarter night, and a really good friend, that guy who’s there in the front row night after night, is genuinely excited and insistently saying to me ” I know you’ve got to go, but before you do, have you heard of MS MR? Really not? You really should..” What’s that? They’re called what? I make a note in the iphone but it’s redundant because overnight he’s texted me ALL the links. So yeah, it’s interesting that they’ve also snagged the attention of Pitchfork (who?) and Jay-Z, and Zane Lowe, but if you’ve impressed Wayne in Manchester, well now we’re talking!

MS MR are described as pop-noir New Yorkers, but actually one of them, Lizzy, is from London, and Max is from Seattle, so, boo-ya, stick it Brooklyn!

I’ll give them marks for this – they’re just announcing a new single ‘Fantasy’ that’ll be released in March, and you know what? For once it’s not already here with a video and all that, we’ll just have to wait, like we will for their debut album. In the meantime, let these two tracks speak for themselves, they’ve only been ‘officially’ out for a matter of days, and they’re very much worth a spin. Both are from their ‘Candy Bar Creep Show’ EP released two weeks ago.

There’s a couple of UK dates too – Weds 28 Nov at the Soup Kitchen in Manchester (which is precisely where this conversation started) and Thurs 29 Nov at Electrowerkz in London


Bones from MS MR on Vimeo.

Dark Doo Wop from MS MR on Vimeo.



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