Track Of The Day #465: Electric Litany - Empty Sea

Track Of The Day #465: Electric Litany – Empty Sea

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“Money! Money! Money! shrieking mad celestial money of illusion! Money made of nothing, starvation, suicide! Money of failure! Money of death! Money against Eternity! and eternity’s strong mills grind out vast paper of
Illusion!” Allen Ginsberg

So begins ‘Empty Sea’ by London/Greek band, this shard like sonic assault on the senses that exists in the trembling dystopic place between dark noir and post punk just waiting to release its full specter, or modern punk music born of clever minds. Or as Peter Hook recently put it ‘I didn’t think we were ‘Post-Punks,’ I just thought we were punks’…..

When in glorious full flight there’s a frenetic intensity at work here, crashing percussion, sinuous guitar notes screech like shards off the tracks, this is the awe inspiring sound of a underground train rolling out of control into the cities pitch black night. While menacing baritone vocals emerge from the darkness and deliver a politically charged ‘money is the root of society’s ills’ message. This is the kind of song Interpol would currently do well to cock an ear towards before daring to return. Brutal and irresistible…

Electric Litany’s new, double album “Enduring Days You Will Overcome” is out now via Inner Ear.

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