FEATURED: Society of The Golden Slippers 1

FEATURED: Society of The Golden Slippers

A few weeks ago on this site, I spoke about revolutions. Small ones, started by everyday people with a passion for what they do. I love discovering them, they give me hope, and reinforce in me the knowledge that there are people doing things out there with integrity.

Society of The Golden Slippers was founded in 2010 by Jen Roberts and is dedicated to the discovery and celebration of musical talent. Many people , record companies and events have claimed similar, but few live up to this accolade, there are exceptions, and Society of The Golden Slippers is one of them.

In a small, sofa- filled living room on the second floor of Blacks in Soho,  this night plays host to some of the greatest musical talent currently circulating. Glass of wine clutched in hand, you fit yourself into whatever space will take you. [Whether this means being breathing distance between you and the music act…or not] Threadbare antique chairs abound, art on the walls that change every few months, and a wonderful menu of food down stairs if you so wish to partake. However, there is no denying that the evening is about music pure and simple. There are no industry perks here. It occurs on the 3rd Monday of every month,  it is first come, first served and you have to put your name on a free guest list via Jen herself beforehand.

Yes, you read that right, it’s free to watch 1.5 hours of incredible music. Jen Roberts has a formidable ear for music, no doubt because she is a musician herself, her first love having been the piano and it is this finely tuned ear that allows her to provide a spring board for the freshest up and coming talent’.



Annie Eve

Some say she should be running her own record label, and I wholeheartedly agree. Although you may never hear punk or rock being played there, do not be fooled into thinking that the acts are ‘easy listening’ options. You may not have heard of these musicians on the particular night, but I guarantee it, in 12 months time, they will be causing quite a stir.

On the evening I went, Alva Leigh, Benedict and Annie Eve were on the line up, each with their own unique styles, and stunning voices. I could tell you how brilliant there were [which is true] I could tell you that they are all peaked for stardom in the next few years [which they are] but the beauty of this night is the sheer indulgent appreciation and adoration of live music from everyone in the room. Whoever may be on that stage. Sam Smith, to Laura Mvula to Lisa Marie Presley, they have all graced that crowded room on the third floor in one of the best clubs in Soho. You may ask yourself why is the evening not being covered by the music media more?  In my mind, it’s because the opinion of the commercial media is not needed. This night is for the real music lovers out there, the people that eat sleep and breathe music. The people, who like Jen Roberts, do it all for free. What I would like to see is some investment in the night, so it can continue it’s amazing work. This may not be one of the biggest music nights in London [and long may it remain that way] but is it one of the best? Most definitely.

Next Society of The Golden Slippers – Monday 28th April. Contact Jen Roberts for details.



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