STREAM:  Shine (Again): A Compilation of Covers of British Pop Songs from the 1990s - Side A 8

STREAM: Shine (Again): A Compilation of Covers of British Pop Songs from the 1990s – Side A


This February we ran a series of pieces on BritPOP as both a celebration and a reappraisal of the wave of new British music that was just making its mark 20 years ago this year. To round off this period we asked for submissions to an original compilation of covers of British Pop Songs from the 1990s. Today we present to you a full stream of this compilation’s first side, featuring Various Artists clever and affectionate reinterpretations of acts such as Catch, Sleeper, Edwyn Collins, the Auteurs, Kenickie, The Stone Roses, Dubstar, Babybird, Shed Seven and Suede. Entitled fittingly Shine (Again) the stream to Side A will be released next week. If you have a submission to Side B the deadline is May 1st email [email protected] if you want to get involved!

“Yes time can rose tint our spectacles, as we often remember the music we first fell in love with when we were young most fondly. But because and despite of everything: BRITPOP was gloriously contradictory, fucked up at times brilliant at times rubbish but impossible to ignore. “

Tracklist Side A

1. Bingo (Catch) – Keith Top Of The Pops & His Minor UK Indie Celebrity All-Star Backing Band

TOTP2 Last Supper HD

2. What Do I Do Now? (Sleeper) – The Dom Green Mystery


Machine Dom Green is known, to a few people at least, as the bassist, songwriter and general dogsbody control freak behind bands such as Brontosaurus Chorus and Penny Orchids. He is a massive 90s throwback.

3. Girl Like You (Edwyn Collins) – James Cook


Singer/songwriter/producer James Cook first made a name for himself as the front man of London’s cult electro rock pioneers NEMO (three albums between 2004/2008).  Collaborations with Mighty Boosh, IAMX and Imogen Heap and european music awards followed.
 After a move to Berlin, and a a Baroque pop album called ‘The Dollhouse’, Cook returned in 2012 with a well received debut solo album called ‘Arts & Sciences’.  
Rolling Stone magazine described it as ‘Cinematic, Exiting and Unconventional’, like an experimental Divine Comedy’.
This year he returns with preview song ‘Bees In November’ from his his second solo album, ‘ADVENTURES IN AUSLAND’ (released on 1st June 2014).

4. She Left Me On Friday (Shed Seven) – The Bright Ones


The Bright Ones formed in October 2013. After only a handful of gigs supporting the likes of The Polyphonic Spree and Menswe@r they put out their first single ‘your words don’t bother me but the killing hurts’ on End of the Trail records. Their second single ‘Dangerous’ will be released in May along with a mini tour of the UK.

5. Love Spreads (The Stone Roses) – Jimmy Lapworth of Rosetta Fire


Rosetta Fire consist of singer/songwriters Anthony Gliddon and Jimmy Lapworth. Gliddon’s distinctive vocal and Lapworth’s unique style of playing guitar, combined with the duo’s tight, jazzy harmonies captivate audiences wherever they play.

6. Stars (Dubstar) – Theoretical Girl


Theoretical Girl started making demos on her 4-track in 2005 and has since released five limited edition singles; It’s All Too Much (Fake Product), Red Mist (Half Machine), The Hypocrite and Another Fight (both on Salvia/XL Recordings) and ‘Rivals’ (Memphis Industries).

7. Bad Blood (Babybird) – Quiet Marauder

Quiet Marauder are a loose collective of musicians all contributing flourishes of cornet, melodica, guitar, piano and kitchen utensil percussion.  For the purposes of MEN, however, 26 artists from as far afield as Austria to as near as their hometown of Cardiff were recruited. These include the likes of The School, Winter Villains, Little Arrow, Bensh, John Mouse, Hail! The Planes, Ivan Moult, Laurence Made Me Cry, Spencer McGarry, Rory & Ned, Totem Terrors, Houdini Dax, Jemma Roper, My Name Is Ian, Francesca’s Word Salad, The Lovely Wars and many, many more. The end result is an anti-folk, pop odyssey that can either be dipped into or out of, or swallowed in one long ingestion (with breaks, naturally). Conjuring ghostly recollections of The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, Syd Barrett, The Magnetic Fields and The Fugs, MEN is one of the most unique releases to have emerged from Wales or, indeed, the United Kingdom in some time.

8. BAILED OUT (The Auteurs) – Ghost Carriage Phantoms


Ghost Carriage Phantoms are Merthyr Tydfil born songwriter Michael James Hall and fellow GCP collaborator Mark Estall their first album ‘the boy lives’ was based around the conceit of making a record that would sound like* ‘the ghost of a robot child’. They are currently working on the second GCP which promises a more US influenced sound, influenced by the likes of the Replacements.

9. People We Want (Kenickie) – Rob Britton


Rob is the best at guitars. He was once mistaken for the bassist from Mansun. Despite this he has remained upbeat throughout.

He has released two albums – ‘Found Wanting’ and ‘Skyrider’ – and can regularly be seen masquerading as a Minor UK Indie Celebrity.


10. Dolly (Suede) – Animal Nitwits


Animal Nitwits arrived fully formed in the lobby of a Berlin hotel, where they redefined music with their breathtaking guitar and piano stylings. Two people almost cried.

They have played one gig, where they were accidentally joined on stage by Baxendale, Luxembourg and Menswe@r. 

‘Dolly’ is taken from their forthcoming EP ‘Old Man’s Bra’, which is fully expected to bring about world peace.

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