Damon Albarn announces debut solo record 'Everyday Robots' & Latitude Headline Slot

Damon Albarn – Lonely Press Play/ Hollow Ponds

We’ve not had a chance to hear the forthcoming debuting full length from Damon Albarn but we did manage to pickup the ultra limited RSD14 7 inch featuring two cuts from the ‘Everyday Robots’ album entitled ‘Lonely press play’ and ‘Hollow ponds‘.

The former comes stirred in a sweet sensitivity all subtly drizzled in a vibe that much draped the grooves of Blur’s ’Think Tank’ though here crushed in a lazy eyed intimate tasting of nocturnal slow noir dustings there’s something here that sumptuously sits between a thoughtful Terry Hall and the combined song craft magic of David and Bacharach.

On the flip if ’Hollow Ponds’ doesn’t reduce to near tear stricken states then you are simply inhuman, graced in autumnal textures, deeply introspective and cracked in a hollowing melancholia built upon a slow unrelenting pulsing beat, there’s a stilled fracturing eerie elegance oozing from the grooves as Albarn’s intimately autobiographical reveal switches back and forth in a fond recall of the heat wave of ’76, starting secondary school in ‘79 and the ‘Modern life is Rubbish’ graffiti strewn walls of ’93. Disquietingly tender stuff.

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