Track Of The Day #509: Black Strobe - Going Back Home

Track Of The Day #509: Black Strobe – Going Back Home

If Eurovision offers one thing, well apart from bearded Austrian Drag Queens belting out splendidly over the top Bond-esque ballads to glee to millions of its viewers, then it gives us a mainstream window into the (often bizarre) world of Euro-pop. I hear some of you at the back scoff, but for all its obvious kitschy naff value, Eurovision has a massive global audience and thus has the ability to for one week a year at least  gives us a peek at popular music from countries across the European continent.Because POP music isn’t only the preserve of the UK and the US I’ll have you know!

All of which waffling brings me today’s slance of French POP delivered by  French musician Arnaud Rebotini aka. You may know Black Strobe from their cover version of I’m A Man used on the trailer of Django Unchained.

Now he returns with ‘Going Back Home’ a deliciously brooding  electro romp that’s the sound of regretfully swaying on the dancefloor, the chirruping synths and funky drum/bass combo makes us think of the artfully crafted four to the floor sound of LCD Soundsystem. While its ridden by Revotini’s luxuriously weighty baritone that stares off into the middle distance and hangs heavily with the deep dark longing of wanting to get back home to the sunshine and the warmth of someone…(“I feel like a fool I need to go back down south”)….

Black Strobe’s second album to be released in September 2014.

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