STREAM:  Shine (Again): A Compilation of Covers of British Pop Songs from the 1990s - Side A 8

STREAM: Shine(Again) A Compilation of Covers of British Pop Songs from the 1990s – Side B


In April we released ‘Shine (Again)’ an original compilation of covers of British Pop Songs from the 1990s, featuring Various Artists clever and affectionate reinterpretations of acts from the period.Today we present to you the streaming of this compilation’s second side, the download will be released next Monday

Shine (Again): A Compilation of Covers of British Pop Songs from the 1990s – Side B
1. Grant J. Healey – Vox & Guitars – Shakermaker(Oasis)


Grant J. Healey – Vox & Guitars is the lead vocalist and guitarist in Gum. Gum are a London based, four piece musical pop group. Order their first EP here
2. SportsWe@r- Piece of Me(Menswe@r)

A cover of the Menswe@r classic from David Barnett and Emma Cwyps described ‘as better than orginal’ allegedly by Menswe@r signer Johnny Dean.
3. You The Living – Asphalt World(Suede)

A cavernous wash of pitch-shifted guitar, icy synths and ghostly, half-whispered boy-girl harmonies collide with clanking, distorted 808 beats and sonic battering rams of fuzz. Rather than being a contrast of sonic beauty and ugliness, You The Living bring them together in blissfully cacophonous harmony.
4. Christian Jegard – Britpop Superstar(Nilon Bombers)


Christian Jegard is the lead singer in The Bright Ones.
5. Location Baked – Commercial Break(Blur)

Usually found in or between Cardiff, Brussels and Manchester, this Vale of Glamorgan native composes music from the sounds he finds en route and around him. Initial ideas are often sketched in transit and later worked into more complex loops and layers of pop concrète. “I like turning noise into music and vice versa. A lot of things I record are attempts to explore a concept or uncover the hidden logic of something apparently random. I also like to push the limits of the software and equipment I use – overdubbing, sampling and resampling to create more textured patterns.”

Location Baked contributed the track Caution to CAM 1, Peski Records’ new LP of alternative, experimental and avant-garde music from Wales. The Tracks EP will follow on Peski later in 2014.

Earlier self releases (including a fictional road trip around South Wales by ‘Kraftwerk’) attracted praise and airplay from Adam Walton (Radio Wales) and Stuart Maconie (6 Music).

Commercial Break originally appeared on Blur’s Modern Life is Rubbish. Arthur Smith was not available to do the voiceover for this cover.

6. Bomar Faery (Faerground Accidents)- Babies (Pulp)

Faerground Accidents

Faerground Accidents originally formed in Manchester in the Spring of 2012. Their first demos quickly caught the attention of John Robb who described the songs as ‘acidic and grand songs laced with arsenic lyrical wit and melodies full of grandeur’… and little realising how close to the truth he was, described front person Bomar Faery as ‘borderline psychotic and quite definitely genius’ as 48 hours after the bands’ first press feature, on Robb’s ‘Louder Than War’ webzine, Bomar found himself committed to a Manchester lunatic asylum and the bands future decidedly uncertain.

On the day of his release, Bomar returned to Sheffield and made an impromptu appearance at the wake of Artery’s Mick Fidler, performing with a hastily arranged backing quartet. Also performing that night was Artery’s Murray Fenton, who having agreed to produce the original line up’s planned EP, was so blown away by the performance, he joined the new Faerground on guitar, as did Loveboat’s Dan Botterill on bass and after very little persuasion, Dodgems drummer Michael Breeze. The band will be augmented in June, by original Faergroundette and Vox organ virtuoso, Henrietta Rowlett.

The band have been recording in Sheffield’s legendary 2Fly studios and with some exciting local and national gigs lined up, and Bomar’s imminent appearance in the new Pulp documentary, ‘Pulp. A Film About Life, Death And Supermarkets’, expect to hear more about Faerground Accidents and their own brand of Psychotic Pop very soon!
7. LostCAT – Nothing Lasts Forever (Echo and the Bunnymen)

LostCAT is a mysterious side project that scampers through the dark back alleys of Cardiff.

8.Nice Boys – 2 Become 1 (Spice Girls)

Nice Boys feature members of Art Brut, ParenthesisDotDotDot, The Melting Ice Caps, Keith Top Of The Pops And His Minor UK Indie Celebrity All-Star Backing Band, Part 1, Baxendale, The New Royal Family, Luxembourg, The Boyfriends, Glam Chops, The Famous Cocks, The Soft Close-Ups, Art Goblins and MANY OTHERS even though there are only six of them. They are strength and courage in a wonderbra.


“Yes time can rose tint our spectacles, as we often remember the music we first fell in love with when we were young most fondly. But because and despite of everything: BRITPOP was gloriously contradictory, fucked up at times brilliant at times rubbish but impossible to ignore. “

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