Track Of The Day #1027: White Room - Take Me Away

Track Of The Day #1027: White Room – Take Me Away

Brighton’s White Room have been proving their worth lately with a string of great releases that pull from a directory of genre-defining sounds. Describing themselves as ‘sky-gaze’; “The feeling when you’re listening to music and you get a sense of overwhelming euphoria so you close your eyes, crack your head up and give internal praise to the sky,” the young five-piece build their tracks around thick guitar riffs that you could swear you’ve heard before.

Their previous single, ‘Stole The IV’ was an incredibly front-facing slice of ’60s indebted psychedelic rock with echoes of Primal Scream and Skying-era Horrors embedded within its Bohemian swagger. Shaggy-haired frontman Jake Smallwood’s vocals are at one with the music in their latest track ‘Take Me Away’, a drifting sea-raft of a song that coaxes you into a mirage of expansive guitars, cool baselines and semi-conscious bliss. Get lost here…

  1. This track could be reviewed in one of two ways.

    “Nice enough shoegazed-influenced psyche”
    “This track could be describes as ‘Nice enough shoegazed-influenced psyche’, if only it wasn’t 2017 and if only this track wasn’t as boring and pointless and irrelevant as the Beatles and Elvis and basically anyone with a guitar who is so fucking wet.”

    There is literally no difference between this and someone saying “I want to make records like SAW did in the ’80s” or “We need a trad. jazz revival, I’m gonna make records that sound like Chris Barber”. Horrid.

    That is the trouble with serious / eclectic / indie sites like this nowadays – you’re trying to treat music with a seriousness that out of context it may deserve, but in the context of the year we are in it really does not, it just deserves slating a derivative boring crap.

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