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Disasterpeace – Under The Silver Lake OST (Milan)

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Atrocious cover to this thing, absolutely howling.

A cheap and nasty cut and paste Netflix standard, It unironically looks like both the cover for bawdy Hollywood war satire Tropic Thunder and those stupid halfwit killing films with all those stupid old bastards in it – you know the ones I mean.

As someone who loves the spooky soundtracks Mogwai have released over the years, especially Les Revenants and Atomic, I’m well open to enjoying a good doom-filled musical hellscape design accompany something on screen in its own right. This is mostly because the only TV programs I like are 24 Hours in Police Custody, 999 What’s your Emergency and Geordie Shore, so I feel between these choices I’m healthy cultured without the need for any further nourishment. So no, I haven’t watched any of Triple Frontier.

However, as a compliment to Disasterpeace‘s soundtrack, I no longer feel I need to, as I think between the sleeve and this slightly bloated Spaghetti Western LP, these about cover it. The plodding nature of these types of warry war films means this music is probably best enjoyed alongside the action.

The main issue with this: all the tracks sound roughly the same, not helped in large part by the fact that the same foreboding four-strum guitar refrain is woven throughout the entire soundtrack. Drums of war, isolated guitar wails and tension building strings and clatter marks each of the 18 tracks here.

It’s a bit sweaty and full on. If you’re really into Jordan Peterson you’ll probably like this. It made me clean my room at least.

Disasterpeace, real name Rich Vreeland – with an already incredibly prolific career in soundtracking films and computer games – seems like a good lad though, and Netflix probably gave him $400 million pounds for this release. He has nice lips as well, so all’s well that ends well – that’s what I always say.

Under The Silver Lake is out now on Milan.

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  1. I won’t lie, your comments about the cover have left me more than a little perplexed. Amusing review though – made me laugh.

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