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20 questions with… Toni Spencer

To celebrate God Is In The TV’s 20th birthday, we’ve been reflecting on the last 20 years.

Behind the scenes of God is in the TV is a team of talented writers with a passion for all things music related – and we thought that it’d be nice to put them in the spotlight.

Some of our writers recently sat down to answer a series of questions about the last 20 years in the music – covering their favourite albums, memorable live performances and much more.

Today we’re chatting to Toni Spencer, who has been writing for the site for over a decade!

What was your first review for God is in the TV?

The Moth & The MirrorHonestly, This World.

What’s your favourite album?

I couldn’t possibly pick just one.

What’s your favourite review that you’ve written for God is in the TV?


Which artist has had the biggest impact on your life?


What’s the best show that you’ve attended?

Counterfeit – Stereo, Glasgow, 2017.

What’s the most memorable show that you’ve reviewed for God is in the TV?

Counterfeit – King Tuts, Glasgow 2016. Things happened! Some good, some great, some I wish I could forget. It was definitely an experience!

What’s the most disappointing show that you’ve attended?

Fightstar – Cockpit, Leeds… 2009?

What’s your favourite soundtrack?

Black Panther.

Which artist have you seen the most?

No idea…! I stopped counting years ago.

What’s been your greatest musical discovery writing for God is in the TV?

The Anchoress, Counterfeit, Flutes, Andrew Wasylyk… Probably loads of others.

The furthest you’ve travelled to a show?

Glasgow – London.

What’s your favourite venue?

It’s a tie between The Waterfront – Norwich, Norwich Arts Centre – Norwich, Sugarmill – Stoke, and King Tut’s – Glasgow.

Is there a show or a tour that you missed, which you bitterly regret?

Probably. None that come to mind, though.

Do you have a favourite collaboration?

No… Should I?!

Who’s the most impressive support act you’ve seen?

JB Conspiracy, opening for Capdown. 2006/7-ish…

What’s your favourite music video?

Uh… I haven’t paid attention to music videos since about 1996.

Who do you think is the most underrated artist?

The Anchoress.

Who do you think is the most overrated artist?

Metallica. I don’t get it. I never have.

Has your music taste changed?

No, I’m still into a bit of everything, just like I always have been.

Have you met any musicians? If so, what was your favourite encounter?

I’ve met several! My favourite people: MC Lars, Jamie Bower, The Anchoress… Honestly, I’ve been very fortunate to meet some very lovely people over the years.

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