I recently shot an X Mas video for Son of Dave starring a muppet and figured it was time to discreetly ask the muppet iteration to step aside. Come with me as we probe around the head of this audio wizard. 

Good evening Mr Dave! Please do tell us here at God is in the TV how you’ve chosen to spend it?

How I’ve chosen to spend the evening? Squinting into this social media life sucking thing. The stye in my left eye is throbbing. But I’m here for the love of online entertaining. And I’ll be watching some telly later, views of the outdoors where it isn’t damp, urban and covered in garbage. Maybe I’m bitter. It’s that time of year. I’m looking forward to Christmas. In an irreligious kind of way.

Yikes! Well, hope that medical condition clears up soon. Well done on your recent single release, ‘Second Hand Present’. You’re quite the prolific proposition, aren’t you?

Prolific protagonist in a plot to plug the public with puerile Pablum pop perhaps. Just making my living really. Gotta make good tunes and hustle them.

Give us some brief context: Do you remember when you first decided to present blues in your inimitable fashion?

I’ve been perverting the blues ever since the world began. It comes natural to find a rhythm, a harmonica riff and yell something over top. However as you’re hearing, I also like to sit at the piano and come up with more complicated plots. The chords flow there and more subtle emotions are evoke. Not just the usual rage or humping.

‘Get You Back’ on the 02 album is typical of a lot of the stuff in your early years, but you’ve become increasingly surreal and use more tech. Conscious decision?

Tech?  Like piano, trumpet, drums, bass and Hammond organ kind of tech?

The sound seems to be much more hi-fi now, whereas before there is more of a homage to the boxy sound of a bygone era, and that’s a complement. That sound is hard to get right.

What you call surreal may be a failure to understand. Or a failure to express clearly. But I don’t make it easy for people, no. There’s simple meaning to the songs, but I won’t spoon-feed you.

If ‘Daddy Was a Wolfman’ isn’t surreal, then I don’t know what is! Perhaps these motifs aren’t just rampant imagery? Keen to know more, unless you’d perhaps be keen for people to come up with their own conclusions.

I’ve always moved between the raw one-man band tunes and songs with more production and instruments. I love writing and recording. Freedom (with financial constraints). The other beatbox and harmonica stuff is a different freedom. Immediate and passionate…I hope to get shiny awards for both.

People are a product of their upbringing. Some blame their parents. Some don’t see the shitty behaviour they’ve inherited. I think that’s pretty clear in Wolfman, no? Yer mamma was a vampire. Out suckin all night. Surreal its not.


It’s communication I picked up via watching the video. I think through that filter it’s fair game to be bracketed in that way, but hey that’s just my interpretation. It’s your song. And both styles do you credit.

Fair enough. The video sure goes weird. Heh heh

Enough of the past though, tell us about your recent single.

This is the second Xmas single I’ve made. There will be an album of them after ten years I expect. My wife inspired this one when I complained last year about our finances. It’s gonna be a credit card Christmas she said. So I wrote it over that holiday. Then comes August or September and it’s time to record it. Ha ha. The money makers get a start on their Xmas ads in July.

Inspirational. And she did a great job on the puppetry for the video. Will we be seeing more from mini Son of Dave?

I don’t like to talk about my family too much, but KC is doing everything here, starting the joke, making the muppet, the cover, editing the video. Other friends and family helping in the studio. It’s part of the Xmas vibe perhaps. And yeah, a far cry from where Son of Dave started out yelling alone in a room. As long as I don’t start sound tired, old and content….you’d tell me when I get boring right?  I could trust you to do that?

Yes, you could. So, Son of Dave’s mini me…a one time job only, or will there be another instalment featuring him with his rat acolytes?

Mini Son of Dave has gotta make a rude appearance again sometime eh? Ventriloquism might be next.

Oh, good! Well Son of Dave, let us know when you’re playing live so people can get away from their screens and celebrate the real deal?

Paris Super Sonic in mid-December. That’s it before the Xmas fights start. In the new year I’ll support Sonny Landreth at Islington Assembly, but he’s a whole lotta American blues guitar which some of my fans won’t dig. Lotsa UK dates will be announced later for April/May touring. You’re catching me with not many concerts to sell at the moment.

But can I also just say, the words I’m singing in ‘Second Hand Present’ are important to me. I can’t emphasise enough how much better it is to buy second-hand. I was raised that way. People complain about the commercialism of Christmas but it doesn’t have to be unpleasant. A celebration existed at this time of year way before the Christians. Even before Coca Cola. Do the right thing, hold each other tight, give something meaningful or funny, eat well, help a pal in need, and let’s get through this miserable bloody damp ugly infertile time of year. And for Santa’s sake, put the fuckin boots to the Tories.

Son of Dave, thank you kindly for your time, music and superb answers!

I also have an ingrown pustule in my nose which shoots pain signals to the eye. People dropping like flies at the office.  If we don’t live to an old age, who will vote Conservative? It’s in their best interests to send a doctor here immediately. Thanks God In the TV for your good taste and support.

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