Cloud - Comfort Songs (Audio Antihero)

Cloud – Comfort Songs (Audio Antihero)

A lifetime – it must be said, still in its infancy at 21 – of forlorn regret and celebratory wonder is honed into a surf noir hymn like soundtrack by its author, Tyler Taormina, on this ambitious, Comfort Songs, debut LP.

Conceived in the empty back lots and car parks of his native Long Island, via studying and career stints in Boston and L.A, Taormina’s uninterrupted suite fluctuates on an efflux tide of poised ambience and rampant piano petulant anguish. Admittedly, it’s hardly in the same league as the Beach Boys own teenage symphonies to God – though to be fair, this reference doesn’t stem from Taormina but me – yet certain nuanced comparisons remain.  Especially in the doleful duet psalm, ‘Stomach Pit’, and with the use of the holy imbued Gallic lullaby, ‘Frère Jacques’, on the sentimental pining, ‘Frére Jacques And Me’ – astute observers will recognise the, ‘Are you sleeping, Brother John?’ line from that traditional ode appears on the Beach Boys own swan song, Surf’s Up. Though the Wilson clan probably wouldn’t approve of the pitied, frustrated swearing that permeates throughout the more meditative, resigned, philosophical musings.

However, tracks such as the opening, waltzing, ‘Cars & It’s Autumn’, and, ‘Desperation Club’, lap up the choral glow of The Polyphonic Spree, whilst the harassed shuffle and extended family lo-fi chant of The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt, can be heard on the more upbeat rouses. Taormina’s own slacker chorus – indeed the whole Cloud persona – is aided and abetted by the New York collective, The Practice Room; a showcase collective started by the pliable crooner and his chums for their various projects and myriad of performances, including a record label – this is only the group’s third long player since conception.

Now picked up by Blighty’s own ‘specialists in commercial suicide’ boasting, Audio Antihero label – their first ever international signing -, we too can now experience the communal psychedelic sea changes of the harangued Cloud in the confines of our own despaired pit.

Released 5th August 2013


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