Preaching From The Pews: Nordic Giants

Preaching From The Pews: Nordic Giants


There’s no point fighting it, best just to sit back take a moment out and submit to its overwhelming rush of symphonic euphoria. Pray let me introduce you to Nordic Giants, a duo from Brighton who have completed an acclaimed tour support with God is an Astronaut wherein press reports passed in frequently employed the descriptor ’wow’. due to release a new EP ’Build seas’ / ’Dismantle Suns’ the Nordic ones are now offering ’Through a Lens Darkly’ as a free download just ahead of a prestigious appearance at London’s celebrated Cargo on May 1.

Engaging your whole emotional spectrum ‘through a lens darkly’ is a mammoth beauty that sits somewhere between the frail and fragile nature of a debuting Sigur Ros and the epic widescreen flurries of Sakamoto, its poise, its grandeur and its sparing detail as its trembling cascades rise, wither and retreat as though nature peaking out from its hibernating prison to see if winters deathly touch has passed and fallen to be replaced by the life giving warmth of the spring season, is something truly to behold. And when all safe and sure it finally stirs, unfurls and flowers to blossom into a most becoming and beautifully tender event as it rises breathlessly to a crushing and rushing colossal crescendo. Utter bliss.

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