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Tracks of the Week #131

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…and here it is, the last ‘Tracks of the Week‘ for 2020. We wanted to end the year with a bang so keep an eye out for some ‘Best of the Year’ round-ups coming over the next month but for now, we leave you with the final ‘Tracks of the Week‘ 2020 list. Thanks to everyone who has submitted music to us, read these lists and listened to the playlist, or otherwise joined us on the journey of exploring the best music 2020 had to offer. ‘Tracks of the Week‘ will return in 2021 with some fresh and exciting new music!


What? Man’s World

Where? Wales

Why we love it? A powerful protest song that scathingly calls out some of the worst parts of our society while retaining a soft and demure sonic direction. Clever lyrics oozing with personality and pin-perfect delivery from MARINA. This is a fantastic offering from the Welsh songstress that demands to be shared.  (Lloyd Best)

FFO: Lana Del Rey, Allie X, Rina Sawayama


What? the thunder peal of spackle on drywall

Where? Indiana

What they say? Breaking down the track’s bridge he explains the history behind his fluorescent freezer, originally putting a dozen or so glow sticks in there 15 years ago after a bar mitzvah party. “The glow lasts longer if you put them in the freezer,” he says. “I wanted those glow stick necklaces to last a lifetime. They just stayed there in the freezer for well over a decade. I didn’t throw them out, as if these glow sticks would make me feel whole again, or that without them I’d be lacking something.”

Why we love it? Intensely atmospheric, beautiful, and doused in melancholy. There’s a unique vibe that permeates throughout the track with RⱯHM’s vocal taking the lead until the beat drops and we’re left with an interesting synth-based melody that is just as memorable as the rest.  (Lloyd Best)

FFO: James Blake, niterooms

Who? Dawson Gamble

What? What You Don’t Know

Where? Toronto

What they say? I was completely immersed in the idea of writing stories and sharing them through song, it was as though I found a new God.  This lifestyle I began to pursue was not conducive to the relationship I was in at the time, which unhinged a string of problems. The lyrics are contradicting throughout the whole piece. “What You Don’t Know” is that I’ll do anything to stay in this relationship, although I recognize it’s bad for me.  This is one of my favourite songs I’ve written to this day, highlighting the mistakes I’ve made in changing myself and my life, to fit somebody else’s vision of who I should be. 

Why we love it? Perfectly crafted indie-pop, full of heart, with a powerful lead vocal from Gamble who wears his heart on his sleeve and gives his all to every song he’s dropped this year. This is another gem in his crown as he fully comes into his own.  (Lloyd Best  |  Photo Credit: Denis Lipman)

FFO: Tom Odell, Lewis Watson, Hozier

Who? Casey MQ


Where? Toronto

What they say? With Candyboy, I wanted to hold space for a love that you can feel warm and safe in, one that reflects the sense of security a child needs while they face the world that they are discovering. To hold, and to be held, that’s how I see the song.

Why we love it? A well-made slice of Hyperpop that’s very ‘of the moment’ combined with a melody and vocal that feels timeless and really sets it apart from the swathes of songs being created within this genre.  (Lloyd Best)


Who? Rina Sawayama

What? Lucid

Where? London

What they say? It’s about living a different life through dreaming, whether it’s to be with the dream girl or to be the dream girl. me and Lauren Aquilina wrote this together on the floor of my tiny rented living room back in early 2018. Bloodpop sent us the beat and the melody flowed out so easily that I remember at one point I started hoovering cos I knew this would be easy to write lol. I’ve kept this song secret for 2 years so I’m so excited to finally release it to the world! 2020’s been a tough year so I wanted to finish it off with a dance bop to take us into a more hopeful 2021.

Why we love it? Immediately gripping with an infectious pop beat, sublime vocals, and an intensely memorable melody – this fantastic offering from Sawayama is a brilliant slice of pop music that perfectly closes out a year of amazing releases from this talented artist.  (Lloyd Best)

FFO: Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande

Who? Minas

What? What My Monster Looks Like

Where? Cardiff

Why we love it? Atmospheric and bubbling with innovative sonic landscapes that convey the darkness that lives under the surface. The vocal is soft and alluring, calm yet pained. Decorated with unique production choices that showcase how deeply rooted in innovative talent this artist is.  (Lloyd Best  |  Photo Credit: Ed Townend)

FFO: James Blake, Portishead

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  1. Lewis Watson fans should check out the two albums he released this year: the love that you want and the acoustic release.

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