NEWS: The Raveonettes share new track ‘This Is Where It Ends’

NEWS: The Raveonettes share new track ‘This Is Where It Ends’

Danish indie rock duo The Raveonettes are still busy putting out a song every few weeks during 2016 as part of their own “Rave-Sound-of-the-Month” playlist.  It’s all leading up to the release of their “anti-album,” with the 12-month project going against the usual grain of the LP format.  They recently shared ‘A Good Fight’ and are now back with ‘This Is Where It Ends.’

Despite its title’s suggestion, this isn’t the final instalment in the series, and there’s still a couple more tracks to go until the series is finished.  It also gives us more of the fuzz-laden indie that we’ve come to expect from the band. Sune Rose Wagner said of the track: “Sometimes things can take an unexpected nasty turn and then you gotta deal with it.  You either learn from it or you don’t, such is life.  This is what this song is about.”  Listen below.

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