Blurred City Lights – Neon Glow EP

Blurred City Lights – Neon Glow EP

Incoming from ex Curve man Dean Garcia and hot on the heels of the acclaim adorning his recent SPC ECO ‘Push’ set is a new collaboration with multi instrumentalist Jarek Leskiewicz. Shaded beneath the collective name Blurred City Lights the attending press release promises of the ‘neon glow’ EP elements of Floyd (no doubt referring to the neo psyche dissipating head trip that is the out there ‘Circles‘ which we must admit aside being our favourite moment here will have fans of working in a nuclear free city literally blissing themselves out), Massive Attack and Stone Roses silkily slipstreaming the star crossed dream drift collages and while we here would have a mind to agree, amid the tripped out chill toned glitch glowed beats our ears do detect the delectable demur of Porcupine Tree – certainly that is on opening salvo ’Blurred City Lights’ Robin Guthrie and most notably Dark Captain Light Captain (non more so is this the case than on the slyly cool lazy eyed cosmic kiss of ‘neon glow‘).

The EP itself gathers together six sublime slices of purring mind woven cosmic groove, shrouded in dry ice the aforementioned opening cut ’Blurred City Lights’ spirals hazily as though captured and tethered in an airless state of suspended animation, a lush looping lunar moonage sumptuously detailed in willowy webs of spectral glazes dispatching distress calls into the silent voids. The sweetly adoring and I should say detailed with the same kind of celestial majesty as once adorned releases by the Cocteau Twins ‘Falling Down’ follows in hot pursuit, a crystalline slice of shoe gazing dream pop daintily dipped and honeycombed in the hushed heavenly glow of an as were defences down and surrendering my bloody valentine which ought at first port of call appeal to admirers of dead leaf echo. which leaves the stellar cruising ’symbiotic anxiety attacks’ to draw the set to a close in hyper driven style, this gem comes lushly cradled in swathes of glassy orbs of shades adorned floppy fringe arranging ambient drones and twinkle set spaced out psych murmurs all of which are drawn into true trip-a-delic focus by the appearance of an additional ‘feels so high’ retread featuring the guest vocals of Rose Berlin whose glacial coos and whispers entrance, seduce and embellish the low lit nocturnal sonic textures with a subterrannic statuesque un-worldliness that’s spirited in Curve like spectres and shimmered to recall the likes of My Jealous God and the Paris Angels. Essential in short but then I guess you gathered that.

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