Clark Kent Ambush #10

Clark Kent Ambush #10

Heavy Leather PromotionsIn this week’s show, Ned Dylan let’s fly his anger at the mundane and inefficient (Kim K’s arse/the current government) in upcoming single ‘Disco’ produced by Strokes/Regina Spektor producer, Gordon Raphael. Check out the interview below the playlist. Ah, the playlist, a compendium which includes altruistic details of how Heavy Leather promotions is run, teasers from the Fur Cough music video (WARNING: my arse is involved), Tony Porter’s London venue ‘Off The Cuff’ (extraordinary maverick ideas for unsigned bands, PLUS something Tony can only hint about) and let’s not forget – The artist behind the filming of various longstanding adverts makes an appearance on the show. Ladies and gentleman, Clark Kent humbly presents – Grace Morgan-Riddell! Watch as she shares her opinions on acting on the channel. Film verses Theatre? Find out which medium Miss Riddell favours.

In other news, Noir Noir, Mystified, Dumbjaw and Ultra Grand Supreme will be playing live on Saturday 22nd August! If you’re a regular to the blog and love their music make the logical decision and watch them live. Not heard of them before? Don’t worry – music videos from each of these acts round off a rather massive music share. Dig right in …

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CLARK KENT A.K.A JOHN CLAY: As previously discussed, ‘Disco’ is a confrontational song. How important is confrontation to you?

NED DYLAN: I think Disco is in your face, it’s straight to the point and the lyrics show my opinions without watering them down. In terms of confrontation, I’m not a fan of fighting or arguing for the sake of it. But I think issues should be talked about both in lyrics and in everyday conversation. I’m also always up for standing up to people and for things, but I’m never confrontational for the sake of it.

CK: You voice your disinterest in all things superficial in the song (Kim K’s arse being one of them). If you had to pick your fav bugbear in the lyrics, what would it be and why?

ND: I think the thing I talk about in the lyrics is the line ‘Osbourne’s smoke and mirror jokes’. It feels like this sums up the superficial themes in not only the government but also in society and politics.

CK: Glad to have another video of yours to share on the channel. Was it fun to record, or do you find music vids a chore?

ND: Once you get one hour into filming and you feel like you’re doing something productive you get lost in it and it’s great.

CK: Too true. Briefly, tell me about the recording process with Gordon? Any highlights you care to share?

ND: Gordon is incredible. He has a brilliant attention to detail. He also sets a perfect atmosphere which means everyone is working really hard and giving their best but is also very relaxed. When you walk out of the studio after working with Gordon, you always walk out feeling inspired and he really brings something unique to the sessions.

CK: Any ambitions to produce yourself someday, or do you like being the subject?

ND: At the moment I love having Gordon there, who knows? I think as long as I keep creative control and make all the final decisions, input is healthy.

CK: It must be hard to create your own sound as a producer. What caught your attention about his works?

ND: I knew of Gordon from his work producing the first three Strokes albums. He gave the Strokes such a raw sound that was impossible to ignore. It was also a sound that felt very much like an exciting live gig. One of my favourite things to do is play live and I wanted to translate that onto record. When I found out he did Regina Spektor’s ‘Soviet Kitsch’ I knew he could do intimate and intricate too. On top of all that he’s a brilliant solo artist in his own right and made an incredible with Skin called ‘Fake Chemical State.’ From out first conversations and from listening to his work I knew he was perfect for me. He also has an incredible energy and a passion to match.

CK: Fantastic! As usual, we’ve run out of space before touching on your journo projects! You’re too productive for your own good! Next time, we get started with that topic! For now, take care of yourself and I hope the single is a success!

ND: Thank you so much John! It’s out 18th September and the video is out now.

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